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Jasmine- Floral

Jasmminum Officinale, J. grandiflorum, j. sambac

Character - Euphoric, Sensuality, Welcoming, Intuitive, Soothing

Use to counteract these Negative Attributes

Depression, Anxiety, Pessimism, Tension, Indifference, Repression, Bitterness, Jealousy, Low-esteem, Guilt, Emotional frigidity, Emotional abuse, Emotional violence

Use for these Positive attributes

Uplifted, Confident, Sexual, Assertive, Relaxed, optimistic, Open, Sensitive, harmonized, Aware, Profound, Inspired, Joyful 

Jasmines are beautiful from within, whether they're a girl on the cover of a western magazine, or a tribes-woman in the Amazon. Their beauty has the ability to trans-send the daily battles of existence; it's a glimpse of the archetypal female, Mother Earth - giver of all life. Jasmines are the mermaids that touch the hearts of man, the petal that drifts gently by on the breeze. No wonder that this personality, like the perfume, has enchanted the world since time began.

jasmines are joyful, happy people, comfortable with who they are. They have no wish to stop enjoying the sensuality of their surroundings or fabulous objects, and have no wish to become part of an androgynous society. They enjoy all things that are generally considered, in the western world, to be essentially feminine - fragile silk underwear, perfume, the touch of cashmere against their skin, or the sweet smell of a new-born babe. If they can afford it, they'll dine on strawberries and champagne and, whatever their financial status, will enjoy the sight and aroma of flowers. Jasmines have no intention of forsaking these pleasures for anyone.

Jasmines won't stand for sexual harassment and anyone bold enough to attempt it will receive a barrage of abuse powerful enough to blast them onto another planet, but are flattered when someone suggests that they are looking nice, and enjoy old-fashioned courtesies and thoughtfulness - which they also give top others. Whether they're brunette, blonde, black or redheaded, whether they're nine hours or ninety years old, whether they're pretty or ugly by conventional standards, jasmines will have people queuing up just for a smile.

They have a wonderful ability to really listen and the time and attention given to others instils confidence in them.. Past lovers will remember jasmine with a smile, and Jasmine will remember every lover and friend they've ever had. Usually independent, these are intelligent, assertive, confident people. Having a great sense of humour, Jasmines are great fun to have as friends - imaginative and alive. There are no dull moments with them. They're the kind of friend you can call at midnight after a dreadful day, without worrying whether they'll be upset that you bothered them so late.

Jasmines are passionate lovers and understand the spirituality of sex, enjoying it without guilt or hang-ups. It doesn't matter to them whether the soulmate is rich or poor, just as long as they are right for each other.
jenny is a Jasmine personality, a social worker who fights for her clients in court, not missing a trick as she presents an argument, then sends the sweetest smile across the room to the magistrates. she wears perfume and exquisite fabrics and somehow manages to get her way every time, without realizing how she's done it. The charm of the Jasmine personality is in-born, and subconscious most of the time. This  is what is so attractive to other people.

The male Jasmine personality is charming, charismatic and at ease with his femininity. He is devastatingly attractive to the opposite sex, as jasmine females are to men. he'll be able to hold his peers spellbound as he recounts tales, about his latest passion, over lunch. The male Jasmin uses his sensuality to get what he wants more consciously than the female, and can flirt with both sexes. Jasmines can be very unnerving if you're not used to them - particularly at work.

After a heated debate they may storm out of the room but, disconcertingly, almost surreally, will find time to touch the petal of a particularly beautiful flower as they pass. This personality is found in every kind of job although they're happiest in those in which they can use their instinctive intellect and behaviour. They'll be unhappy as an accountant, but will enjoy the challenge of physics. They also make good designers, artists and gardeners.

Jasmines can become depressed at the discord in today's life, and be self-destructive. Indeed, jasmines can be lethal to themselves. Passionate jealousy can become addicted and obsessive. Of course, this affects everyone around them, which makes things worse, and Jasmine can become paranoid, miserable and prone to emotional illness. The depths of emotion that Jasmine can reach can only be truly understood by another floral, also delicately balanced between the conscious and subconscious. In negative mode, Jasmines can make everyone's life hell on earth, and can easily destroy their own careers and relationships.  



It takes a long time for them to pull themselves out of the mire, and they require a lot of help. Fortunately, nearly always, they have generated many friendships and, in these times of stress, the chaff is separated from the wheat. After they recover from a negative phase, Jasmines will carry an air of fragility and melancholy. This doesn't affect their passion, however, and it even makes them more desirable to some. This joyful personality is often attacked by those who don't understand just how fragile they may be feeling, and this can lead to all kinds of problems. However, if you want warmth and gentleness, with passionate benevolence, there is no other personality quite like a true jasmine.

Nicole Perez. MIFA Reg., aromatherapist and teacher:
" The character of Jasmine is represented by two Js - as in Jasmine for Joy. This, to me, is the true character of Jasmine. Jasmine has the most uplifting and beautifying effect on people. It elevates us to higher spheres, it is also renowned for increasing sensuality as well as personal charisma."

Reference: The Fragrant Mind/V.Worwood


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