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Jasmine-Personality Profile





 From the top of their head to the tip of their toes, the Jasmine personality is pure femininity. We're talking womanhood in full bloom. Jasmine is a no-holds barred personality, the passionate seductress, gentle and charismatic, bewitching all who come in her presence. Before all the men reading this go rushing out to find one, let me say that ultimate femininity can dwell in the heart of most women but only the true Jasmine has the courage to expose it to the world.

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Rosemary-Personality Profile






 Rosemary are young at heart and seem to have found the elixir of youth. These are imaginative, happy, sensitive people, quite determined at times, but quite gentle souls, who are free of mental restrictions. They can be very creative and have quite a refreshing approach to the eternal problems of love and happiness. Rosemary enjoys security and will aim to be in a secure position in love and in life because it's within a secure environment that  they can express themselves fully.

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Aromatherapy For Personality,Mind, Mood and Emotion

On line Bookings 

Book your custom made Aromatherapy Product on line. if you need additional Aromatherapy advice, join our forum, you can also start your own forum page, and share your Aromatherapy experiences. Book on line today.

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Aromatherapy Courses

Aromatherapy is a mystical science and offers the possibility of entering the portals of the olfactory systems. Promoting the recall of childhood and life long memories, that are often lost in the symptoms of dementia praecox. ( Activating the long term memory) .

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