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Geranium - Pelargonium graveolens - Personality Profile

Harmonizing, Healing, Comforting, Cushioning

Anxiety, Depression, Acute fear, Extreme moods, Inner child, Abuse, Confusion, Rigidity, Instability, Worry, Moodiness, Lack of Self-esteem. Insecurity, Over-sensitivity, Tension, Stress, Hurt, Crisis, Apprehension, Aggression, Irrationality, Discontent, Heartache

Consoled, Flexible, Elevated, Regenerated, Humour, Friendliness, Balanced, Soothed, Secure, Assured, Shielded, Mothered, Stable, Tranquil, Steady.

The Geranium personality is friendly and comforting, although not in any way extroverted or over-talkative. This is one of the mothering type of personalities, always taking care of someone or something, just getting on with things, allowing everyone to have the freedom to have their own thoughts and never interfering unless you want them to.

This personality seems to be able to create a feeling of security and stability wherever they go. This doesn't mean they're boring, far from it, but they just seem to have the knack of making everything all right again. Say, for example, you feel frustrated and hurt about something and need to make a phone call to sort it out, Geranium will make you a cup of tea, settle you in a chair and make the call for you (and about three years old!) Geraniums never consciously look for thanks or appreciation but get it naturally, which makes it a pleasure to give to this personality.

They have the ability to wash away your tension and stress just by being there, and caring a great deal for their family and friends - which are very valuable to Geraniums. However, they tend to take on too much, and don't leave enough space for themselves and unfortunately those who are helped may not even notice that help may sometimes be needed in return.

Geraniums are seldom eccentric, outlandish characters prone to great strokes of genius, just steady and stable, but they often do have the most bizarre friends and companions, flamboyant and colourful- - the complete opposite to themselves. This feature makes them even more popular.

This personality has interesting dinner parties, interesting house guests, and their homes are always full of people - not because Geranium is the most sensational cook, nor because they are sparkling conversationalists; what attracts people to Geranium is their marvellous ability to make people feel worthy and wanted.

Geraniums may be surrounded by fascinating people but fascinating people are often too full of their own self-importance to think about lending a hand. Geranium will lay the table, cook the meal, clean up, wash the dishes and glasses and if someone asks, 'Oh, do you want a hand?, they'll offer knowing that, more often than not, Geranium will say @ you sit down, I'll do it', (unlike Jasmine, who'll leave the washing up for someone else to do).

Within the family, this generosity of nature can really be exploited and Geraniums will continue to do their children's laundry twenty years after they leave home, mind the grandchildren, and take on the chore of washing and repairing the entire football team's kit.

Unless they occasionally shout 'Stop!', very loudly, they can really become the dogsbody. Geranium is the ultimate personality for being taken for granted , never really getting their due but they astound friends and family in middle age by suddenly packing a bag and going in search of personal happiness. If not appreciated, Geraniums can get very anxious and depressed and may find their heart being broken many times over, by thoughtless friends and family.

Negative Geraniums have devised a ten-point plan to inflict guilt on their families and refer to it at every opportunity, and if that doesn't work, there's always the medical dictionary of imaginary illnesses to work through, another way to ensure people provide the (much-deserved ) attention. Unfortunately, this often has the opposite effect, and drives people away.

Geraniums in general cannot be said to be passive people, but some can be very mean. These personalities may have suffered emotional abuse as a child and feel somehow have to make up for what they perceive to be their faults.

Geraniums are much under-valued personality who generously comforts those who suffer, those with broken hearts, the grieving and the stressed-out. Whether male or female, Geranium is a warm, kind and generous personality, which deserves to be appreciated for the very special person they are. 

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood

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