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Ginger: Rottie/Spice - Zingiberaceae Officinale

Character: Warming - Strengthening - Encouraging


Sexual anxieties, Lack of direction, Purposelessness, Unfocused, Apathy,

Burn-out, Confusion, Fatigue, Loneliness, Sadness, Resignation


Confidence, Warmth, Fortitude, Courage

The Ginger personality is often called the strong, silent type because with them, action speaks louder than words. If you think of a large gentle giant, you'll get the picture. This doesn't mean Ginger types will be either large or gentle but explains the largesse and warmth this personality exudes.Ginger types couldn't be described as being sedative - they are stimulating and lively company with a very wicked sense of humor, definetly everyone's favourite uncle.

This personality can be very masculine, forceful, and profound, able to sort out problems philosophically without relying on anybody else. The personal space of people around is respected and Gingers never crowd you or become possessive. That's something the Tuberose personality finds hard to take, ehether a member of the family or in another type of relationship with Ginger but, in fact these two match quite well, balancing out each other. Ginger's lack of possessiveness is part of their charm and they don't expect interdependence-

Gingers expect you to do your own thing, just as they expect you to leave them alone to do theirs.Ginger personalities make good listeners but bad conversationalists and prefer jobs that don't entail much conversation. As their caring nature often needs expression, they're good in one of the caring professions that involve listening - counselling, psychology, probation officers, social workers and so on.

They also seem to do well as farmers dealing with animals and will be more inclined towards natural farming methods. Animals respect their quite strength and Gingers make good vets and veterinary nurses, partly too because they ahve the ability to comfort the owners. Perhaps though, the ideal job for this independent soul would be looking after the animals in an African game park.

Although Gingers don't invite people into their homes very often - they like their privacy too much - they will be welcoming when people call by. Although they believe their door is always open, others can sense that actually Ginger wants to be left alone. In love, Gingers will dedicate their lives to the loved one, even though they don't often say the magic words. 'I love you'. Because they allow their partner freedom, this is often misunderstood. But don't think freedom means infidelity, it doesn't.

Ginger expects fidelity, along with respect for partners, parents,children, friends and business partners - and iif they don't get it, their Ginger temper really becomes apparent. Don't cross a Ginger, or you'll be sorry. They'll hunt you down and that temper once roused, will make you pay for any wrongs against them or their loved ones - and beware, grudges can be held for years and years.

Gingers have a very sexual nature and love making love, choosing a mate who shares their enthusiasm. This is one way in which Gingers can express themselves perfectly. They exude a powerful sexuality rather than sensuality, which can be unnerving to more timid profiles, but it explains why florals are often drawn to them.

Negative Gingers are just awful. They withdraw into a silent world of sulking, and appear confused, apathetic and with no memory of who they were formerly. They will not get depressed as such, but can lose their purpose and joy in life, becoming directionless as if resigned to whatever fate has in store ffffor them. Great bouts of loneliness can engulf them, no matter how many people are around.

After knowing the warm, positive Ginger, this drop into sadness seems profound indeed. They're liable to be unstable at times, particularly if unemployed or passed over for promotion. It's not that they seek power, they do not. It's already built into them, but they'll be upset that they haven't been treated with the respect they deserve, whether for work or some other achievement.They don't like 'losing face', as the Chinese say.

Gingers may suffer in silence form emotional burn-out -quite a common trait of this personality, which often results in their sex drive diminishing, which is devastating to a Ginger. Luckily, the Ginger personality has remarkable powers of recovery and although these nagative bouts may come often, they can go away very quickly too. Ginger is a great friend or relative to have around you because they'll always listen to your problems with patience, sincerity and kindness. Just don't forget sometimes to ask them about theirs!

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Personality Profiles: Valerie Ann Worwood.

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