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Rosemary-Personality Profile

Rosemary - Herbie


Vigorous, Strengthening, Restorative, Centering

Use to counteract these Negative Attributes

Loss of memory, Learning difficulties, Lethargy, Disorientation, fatigue, Indecision, Nervous exhaustion, Overburdened, Overworked, Strain, emotional exhaustion, Sluggishness.

Use for these Positive Attributes

Energy, uplifting, Confidence, Creative, Clarity, Structured, Concentration, Stabilized, Fortified, Sincere, Purified, Aware

Nevertheless juggling things around is a feature of this personality, who can easily balance two jobs, four hobbies and many friends. With a knack of putting things in order and well able to manage time and negotiate with people, Rosemary can achieve a great deal and will never do so by intentionally manipulating others.

Rosemary has a spirit that vibrates  at an astonishing level, and some other types may find it difficult keeping up the pace. this vibrancy extends to their mental states, and to their ability top organize and concentrate on the many tasks they set themselves. Rosemary's  have high ideals and like to think of themselves as slightly above the cut of others - not consciously arrogant., it's just their way.

Challenges and new activities are welcomed, especially if they involve travelling. Their light hearted approach can get them into trouble because others can take offence. Rosemary's  judge things by the head, rather than the heart, and in general are open and trustworthy and make great mates. However, be prepared to be dragged out on cold, wet mornings to join in with the latest enthusiasm.

Rosemary's are usually very ecology conscious, and vegetarian - or at least trying, believing in animal rights and so on. They don't want to be leaders  but will be found going on marches or lobbying parliament or in jobs concerned with green politics, conservation or gardening, and would suit politics, trade unionism and teaching.

If they find themselves in jobs to which they are unsuited, Rosemary's will develop their negative traits. A lack of sincerity shows first, then they become surly, withdrawn and temperamental. In a relationship that is not altogether alive, they tend to become reproachful and have unaccountable traumas and dramas becoming, as they sink further into reproachfulness, very sharp tongued and quite unlikeable.

Rosemary's like beauty and their eyes may tell them to choose a gorgeous, drop-dead-for-type - usually a floral - and this might be fine while flirting and playing mind-games, but no good when it moves to the bedroom. Rosemary's are not the greatest lovers, being much more interested in why humans have a sex drive, than sex itself. It can be difficult to be intimate with a Rosemary, although you would never believe it at first.

Either male or female , they can also be abusive - turning their sexuality into anger. As young people they'll have lots of affairs, trying to find out exactly what it is that interests everybody so much, but as they get older , will look for a secure relationship that doesn't ask too much of them in terms of romance - a good buddy rather than a lover.

Rosemary's remain happy into old age, and even when injustices befall them they feel invincible, protected by the gods. You can call on Rosemary's to help clear out old ghosts and memories from your cupboard, and clean the dark secrets out of your life.

Reference:Fragrant Mind/ V.Worwood

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