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Emotional Healing Introduction - 2

We seem to have got in a mind-set which says 'being miserable is normal, life is so hard, if only I had this -orthat I'd be happy'. Happiness is normal to babies and children and normal to many poor people, and rich people around the world. What is it exactly that stops us, too, being happy? I don't think it is the number and severity of life's knocks that makes the difference, from my experience of people, rather the attitude they take towards life. Those who realize that life is short and precious, see the good things in life - of which there are many.

Each day people set off to do voluntary work for people less well off than themselves, in terms of money, physical health, or whatever Each day people pull out their check books and send money to charity. We all do each other 'favours' all the timeIf we can see this as norm - people being kind, people showing love, life going on, then the bad episodes can be put in perspective - small windows in the long wall of happy normality.

It does sometimes seem indulgent to think about oneself and do something for oneself, and it might seem althogether easier to use essential oils, for example, to help make a friend feel better. Ourselves, we forget. But we deserve attention too. The fact is, we are born alone and will die alone, and must take care of ourselves in between.

Only we can find the purpose in our lives; only we can make sense of it. We have the right to deal with problems in our own way. If that involves sitting on a sofa for three weeks, hugging a cushion and crying, so be it. If that involves three weeks of cleaning the house from top to bottom, so be it, just be yourself, and you will be beautiful. Indulge yourself, be good to is not a crime! You could say it's your responsibility to make yourself happy, because when you're happy, those around you are not.

It helps to have a philosophy of life, and some people have religion. But anyone can have a reverence for the beauty of nature- the design of a flower, the call of the birds, the wind in the trees, or clouds on a hill. How magnificent it all is, there, a constant reminder of the beauty in life. And nature is full of surprises, and lessons too.

I remember on dat driving In Europe- a long and tiring haul towards a destination and meeting i didn't want to reach - fed up, when I saw a huge, perfect rainbow ending right there, in the grass between the road and the wood. I pulled the car over and leapt out, looking up at a huge miracle reaching across the sky above me.

It was so close and real I could jump into it, I thought, and did. But the rainbow moved away, again and again, and then I realized the rewards are not the goal - if one seeks the ultimate, it will elude you. The reward is life itself, in its richness, in its sadness and joy. Humbled, but happier, I continued my journey and did what I had to do.

All experience is good because that is the truth, the reality of our life,. We must embrace it and make it work for us, transmutate the bad experiences into lessons for the future, wisdom for our soul, compassion for others, and understanding for the world. Good experiences are the icing on the cake, the bits that makes life sweet. But it is all real, and ther is purpose in it all, even if we canmnot see it now.

If we ccould expect nothing more than to be happy, we would be happy. But we expect too much. Some of the happiest people I know have nothing, or have lived and worked among people who have nothing. Every small thing then becomes a gift, not an expectation. Let us stop and thank our lucky stars for what we do have, for the people we love(and tell them), for our humble home, our memories

We can't expect to go through the hurdle race of life without getting a few knocks - that's what it's about. All we can do is appreciate the people around us, be kind to them and ourselves, and hang on tight during the rough patches.Essentials oils appreciate the drama of life - they have been there, so to speak, they are part of it. We're all in this together, and essential oils are there to help.

It is our birthright to be spontaneous, joyful, confident, loving, trusting and free - free in mind and spirit, free to soar and create and laugh. And it is our human responsibility to be compassionate, sympathetic and aware. Deep inside us, there is a spiritual connection which we can find if we just stand still long enough, quietly absorbed, that spiritual connection is the reference point we should take as 'normality' that quiet, reassuring wholeness, more soothing than a mother's breast.

If this could be our normality, rather than 'depressed', 'anxious' or 'stressed' how much happier our lives would be.It is not a question of how many knocks one has because those who have had more than anyone, are often the first to say that thye knocks are not what's important - the good is what we should focus on.

The mind comes with certain gifts - like intuition . Our intuition says of someone 'not aura friendly' - so we keep away, to protect ourselves. Our mind gives us individuality, to approach things in our own unique way. That is good. By contrast, co-dependency, relying on others for gratification a form of vicarious living, is a bit of a cop-out, like hitching a lift through life on the back of somebody else's lorry.

Patience is a gift we often ignore mand even feel contempt for, calling it passivity. But impatience causes frustration and anger. Patience is the better quality, along with positivity, hope, enthusiasm and the capacity for enjoyment. These are the gifts within us that essential oils seek to bring out, philosophically, deeply, naturally. And, by seeking a solution to our problems, we show our awareness - that we are alive and kicking, confident and optimistic.

Reference: The Fragrant MInd: Valerie Ann Worwood

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