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Frankincense Resinie - Boswellia Carteri

Elevating, Spiritual, Meditative, Wisdom

Fears, Grief, Blockages, Over-attachment, Burn-out, Exhaustion, Insincerity, Panic, Anxiety, Disconnection, Repression, Resistance, Self-destruction, Apprehension, Despair.

Comfort, Healing, Emotional stability, Enlightenment, Protective, Introspection, Courage, Resolution, Fortitude, Acceptance, Inspiration.

Frankincense people are compassionate and interesting and something of an enigma in that they often display an air of mystery and secretiveness, even hinting at an understanding of the nature of the universe. There is a driving forcefulness about this personality, a strength and fortitude supported by maturity, conscientiousness, confidence and efficiency. At the same time. Frankincense can be impetuous, compulsive and generous.

Frankincense personalities are often geniuses and may well have invented practical contraptions for use around the home and work. They don't rely on others to do things for them, preferring to use their own initiative, and are sometimes called eccentric . Frankincense will deliver fast on dangerous mountain roads, ski down runs nobody else would dare , and swim in shark infested waters without turning a hair. It's not that they're reckless but they believe that they are protected in ways that the rest of us are not. 

The Frankincense personality , has what one might call parapsychological tendencies - they're very sensitive to atmospheres, sensing unhappiness or evil in a room or house, although this wouldn't necessarily be mentioned if they didn't think you would understand.

Although no particular personality has more psychic experiences than another, some notice them more than others, and Frankincense notices the most. They also sense the intention of other people, which is a very useful tool for them to have.

Frankincenses are very steady, upright citizens and are often found in jobs that command respect and even honour. In business, their ability to sense accurately whether a deal will turn out well or be a waste of time is a very useful tool for them to have.

Although this profile may make them seem rather cold, Frankincenses are very kind, warm hearted personalities with a knack of making people feel both confident and secure. They'd make good counsellors as their advice is often very down-to-earth and practical, not impossible for mere mortals to carry out.

The Frankincense person may not think of themselves as religious and may avoid places of worship , but they carry a profound love of God in their hearts. Frankincenses question thin gs in terms of good and evil and have a love of all things spiritual, which give them a deep wisdom. They are often excellent speakers, clear and eloquent, but are inclined to be somewhat blunt.

If they're negative, the Frankincense personality can be destructive and bitter, full of scepticism and cynicism, inclined to become guilt-ridden, insecure and uncertain , liable to suffer anxiety attacks and stress, also become short tempered and agitated. However, this is such an enlightened personality they soon realize what's going on and make a concerted effort to change direction - into positivity! Frankincense is a well-balanced personality and remarkably gifted. They are terrific communicators and are friendly, warm and loving.

Maureen Farrell, MRPharmS, MIFA Reg, MISPA, aromatherapist and teacher:

'Frankincense - the traveller, the pilgrim on the Way of Life [ a steadfast companion in a journey through grief and in letting go fear or supressed emotions. For me, the resins and resinoids, most frequently used in aromatherapy, come into the category of Wounded Healer.'

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood 

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