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Emotional Healing Introduction

'A journey of a thousand miles must begin with one ste,'Lao TSE -Chinese Proverb.

THE BRAIN DRIVES EVERYTHING; EVERY WORD IS PROJECTED FROM IT, EVERY mood emanates from it and every feeling passes through the brain at some point. But the brain and body are one, they work together all the time, part of the same system. The brain say 'get up' and the legs swing out of bed. But also, as discussed in Chapter 3, The Modern Mind, there are receptors throughout the body which are directly connected with the chemicals we also find in the brain.

It is no longer possible to discuss neuorology, immunology and endocrinology as three diffferent fields because they are all related, like bits of a telephone system. You can't have one without the other, Psychoneuro-immunologists are now telling us that, scientifically, body and brain are one and the same.

What happens in the brain decides whether you're going to be happy or sad; it decides whether or not life is worth living. But we are very passive about the brain, we don't pay much attention to our emotions unil something goes wrong.

We don't take our brain to the emotional gym for a work-out, like we exercise our body to feel it and stay well.

But, with a strong mind, we can do anything, even cure disease in our body, and with a weak mind, we can't do a thing. Some people do, of course, control their brain, or at least attend to its well being: meditation, yoga, and tai chi are just three practices which are carried out by millions of people each day around the world. And no doubt it has a beneficial effect on the emotions of them all.

Other people go to counselling or therapy of some sort, and clearly this is extremely helpful to many people.

Essential oils have a different approach, (that is clearly complementary to the others) which is to help a person obtain emotional equilibrium - which allows the happiness and joy, our birthright, to come out. Essential oils are facilitators, balancers and, at the risk of sounding poetic, drops of pure positivity They can put the sparkle back into life.

Essential oils are a chest of goodies you can dip into at any time. Got a tough interview ahead? - just put a drop of bergamot on a tissue and take a deep sniff before you go in. Feeling really vulnerable?  but got to get through the day as usual? - sniff some rose otto - it will help,  Just want to feel bright and on top of the today? - have a grapefruit shower. The variety of essential oils are there to dip into, for a variety of different emotions and feelings, rich treasury courtesy of mother nature.

This chapter explains how essential oils can help us keep in tip-top emotional condition, under the headings Alertness, Assertiveness, Concentration, Confidence, Contentment, Creativity, Focus, Happiness, Joy, Memory enhancement etc. Then comes a much larger chapter concerned with the negative emotions which exist in this world.

The A-z of Emotional bproblems. Under 'A', for example, you'll find A, Addictions, Aggression, Amnesia, Anger, Anxiety and Apathy. There are so many entriesunder this negative emotion section because there are so many problemsouut there in the world, and at home. And, as we need all the help we can get , in Chapter 9 I briefly discuss Auto-Genic Training, Breathing, Massage, Meditation, and Relaxation and Visualization.

In an ideal world, happiness would be the norm. We'd all go around smiling. As it is, we sit on an underground train each morning with our heads hung low, like everyone else! There is so much to worry about, Rapists stalk the streets; jobs can go; people get ill; and war is ubiquitous.

And here comes the post man with another bill in his hand. How is one suppose to find happiness in all this? Ironically, it is those who have been through a near death-experience who usually have the answer to this question, and we read their stories in magazines and newspapers every day.

For example, There's the man who had a hear attack and realized he was wasting time taking an antagonistic approach to people close to him. he realized he loved them, and that they were more important than his job. From that moment he lived life to the full; before he was walking aroud saying" How is one supposed to find happiness in all this? Now he knew, you look to your loved ones, and treat them right. This is happiness.

Love is the most important formula we have for solving problems - it dissolves them away like mist in the sun. Love is an energy that radiates from every person, young and old, and lifts the darkness. It is instinctive, the blossoming flower within, the opener of hearts, the bringer of joy.

The vibration of love is the greatest we can bring to life, if we contribute a good share of that, our life has purpose.Ideally, none of us would be emotionally damaged in our youth, and our hearts would be open to love - love of our neighbour as well as our family and friends. But it is not an ideal world and many of us arrive damaged in some way. Essential oils can help a person recognize and repair this damage, allowing the love to recover, and strengthen the soul.

The problem with love, of course, is that it opens us up to emotional pain. To love is to hurt. Children are hurt by their parents they love; and children hurt parents in return. Lovers hurt each other, with a careless word or more.

We are all vulnerable to emotional pain and sometimes we hurt. That is unfortunate, but our pain is not unique, it is part of the human heritage, something we know and, to a certain extent, something esential oils can help deal with.They can assist us as we repair the damage, and get us back on our feet . Their job is not to numb, but to put us back into feeling selves.

Being alive is to feel - to feel sad watching a sad movie, or feel a rush of adrenaline with fear. These are the feelings of life, they are to be expected now and again. But to be overcome with a negative feeling a lot of the time, this is not good.

Reference: The Fragrant MInd: Valerie Ann Worwood

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