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The Art Of Smelling - Which Method - Aromaprofiles

Ther are many methods of using essential oils, as you can see from the following chart . When you visit an aromatherapy clinic you are most likely to be massaged - using a system particular to Aromatherapy.

A more general massage can also be done at home, and this is a very effective method because, as we have seen in an earlier section, the essential oils are absorbed through the skin and dispersed through the body, and the aroma molecules can also be inhaled at the same time.

It is thought that essential oils get into the body when they're used in baths, although in lesser quantity, through the process known as osmosis.

Water molecules are too large to penetrate the skin but the molecules of essential oils are tiny, and easily pass through.

One also gets the benefits of the aroma molecules as they rise with the steam, and are Inhaled.

But simply sniffing the oil - direct from the bottle, from a tissue or handkerchief - is also effective. The subtle way to use essential oils is in the room methods - diffusers, candles, room sprays, water bowls, humidifiers and heat-sources.

Which method you use depends on your degree of requirement ad also the particular circumstance you happen to be in.

If you're at the office, for example, it is impractical to have a bath - obviously - so you can use a diffuser or simply inhale from a tissue or bottle.

The diversity methods- of-use- match perfectly the diversity of situations we find ourselves in over the course of the day-Experiment!.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood,

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