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How To Get Through Life In One Piece

SOMEONE SOMEWHERE ONCE SAID 'LIFE' A BITCH AND THEN YOU DIE'! I'M not sure it's quite that bad, but it does have its.moments. I think w canall agree that if you can get through it in once piece with your sanity intact you're doing OK. In this chapter I shall discuss a few areas of, particular stress in which essential oils can help: education, offices, industry, farming, plane and car travel, the police and prison services.


Essential oils can play several roles in helping us through the education process - happily, confidently, efficiently and healthily.To a large extent, of course, just how well we perform within the education system depends on factors we can't control.

If we come from family of ten children and live in a small overcrowed flat, it's going to be more difficulr to find the peace and quite needed to study, and our parents will have less time to apportion to each of us when it comes to helping with homework.

Essential oils can't do much about that. What they can do in a general sense is help maintain good healthso we don't have to take time off. If we catch the 'flu and miss school for three weeks, that can be a setback from which it's difficult to recover. However, physical health is not the subject of these paragraphs. But the other factors to happiness, confidence and efficiency - are certainly things with which essential oils can help.

Again, in a general sense, the mood we feel in when we arrive at school or college goes a long way to determining how we approach the material being supplied to us, and how we absorb it. In the next chapter there are many formulas and suggested essential oils which will help you to overcome the negativity that prevents us performing to our maximum potential.

Included among these, for example, is enhanced confidence, which can help when your'e on the recieving end of bullying, as it can help when you're sitting in a classroom of thirty people listening to every word you say, and every mistake you make.

Of course the main objective of education is to fill your head with as many facts as possible, in a way that you'll be able to remember them later - in an exam, or in the work situation. This is very much a matter of memory, an area in which essential oils are well known to be very helpful.

It also depends on the teachers being in the best frame of mind best suited for the communication of ideas. Essential oils used in the staff room can help here too.
Then there is the larger environment, the buildings themselves, in which everyone has to operate for a large portion of the week, as we shall see, essential oils can have a beneficial effect on this in various ways, not least the control of infections.

If one person comes into the building with a 'flu a week before exam time, with the domino effect, by the time the big day arrives half the school or college - both students and staff - could be out of action. Even during other times in the term, lost time still has to be made up - only putting more pressure on everyone concerned.


Reference: The Fragrant MInd: Valerie Ann Worwood

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