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HYACINTH - Floral - Hyacinthus Orientalis


Gentle, Trusting, Soothing, Enlightening

Use To Counteract These Negative Attributes

Instability, Stress, Repression, Apathy, Lovesick, Dejection, Distress, Grieving, Sorrow, Powerless, Regret, unforgiving, Naivete, Dependency, Apprehension.

Use For These Positive Attributes

Calming, Forgiving, High self esteem, Perseverance, Trust, Faith, Courage.

Hyacinth Personality Profile

The Hyacinth personality is forgiving and trusting, and this personality's gentleness and good nature is apparent in everything they touch. They love beauty and beautiful things and can decorate a room exquisetly simply by using their ingenuity and artistry and a few pots of paint, taking immense trouble over every little detail.

When you come for lunch the table will look fablous with little pretty touches to catch the eye. Of course, there will be flowers! That goes without saying. Indeed, Hyacinths are happiest when they are tending gardens and plants and taking care of animals (who don't talk back).

Having an unshakable belief in people, Hyacinths think that good will always triumph over evil. Nedless to say, they are often disappointed. Their faith is in the human race is a virtue that is easily taken advantage of, particularly by those with no scruples.

Time and time sweet Hyacinth will be drawn into plans with which they don't really want to be involved and schemes that are detrimental to their well-being. Relationships are just the same, and Hyacinth is just the personality to choose the wrong man or woman to be their life partner- one who will strip them of all their emotions, and their money! They try to make the best of it because that's how they are!

Hyacinth's are very mindful of other people's feelings and love to be privy to their secrets. They donn't mean to pass them on, but do, sometimes thinking other people won't repeat what they say. Hyacinth never seems to understand that some people live vicariously through others and need interesting titbits of information to keep their lives exciting, and Hyacinth likes talking too. So, innocently, Hyacinth inadvertently passes on secrets, not realizing that they may be the subject of discussion at a dozen social events before running out of steam!

Hyacinths never have any trouble talking about their own problems, usually to do with the opposite sex and no matter how naive and caring they are, they can drive the nore assertive types, like Bergamot, to distraction. Hyacinths can take on almost any job provided that the circumstances are right. For example, they make good sales people only so long as they have faith in the product; they make good secretaries and assistants so long as the boss is honest with them and the job doesn't entail any underhand dealings.

They'd be marvellous at animal breeding and any job involving flowers and plants. Although they love music, dance and theatre, these professions, even on the administrative side, are much too cut-throat for Hyacinth.

Negative Hyacinths often emphasize their fragile, delicate nature to get sympathy if all else fails, creating the illusion of a tragic personality, and can act out this role to the full, particularly if they find it working to their advantage. However, tension, stress, and stress-related disorders are invariably genuine, common to this personality type.

Hyacinths make good Samaritans - listening to people in troubles and, being basically very charitable, would be happy working in any capacity in the charity field. Being very intuitive and known as 'sensitives', these are nice, gentle, soft people who need space to breathe and be who they are - without any interference.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood.

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