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Essential Oils For Emotional Healing-A-M

Angelica Seed 

Doubt, Mood swings.




Addiction-general, Addiction-drugs, Anxiety-general, Apathy, Confusion, dementia-memory loss, Doubt, Fatigue-mental, Fear of failure, Fear-general, Forgetfulness, Hypochondria, memory, Lack of, pain rejection


Addiction, Facing death, Stress.


Addiction, Aggression- soothing, Anger - coping with, bereavement, Breakdown, Burnt-out, Doubt, Emotional violence, facing death, Fear of love, fear of loving, Grief, expressing, Loneliness, Misery, Self-blame, Stress.


Addiction, Addiction-alcohol, Addiction-drugs, Amnesia -confusin, Amensia-fear induced. Anger-calming, Anxiety-general, Anxiety-apprehensive, QAnxiety-depressed, Apathy, Burn-out-emotional-Confusion, Dejection, Depressuon-manic, Exhaustion, Facing death, Fear - general, Grief-dissipating, Hysteria, Loneliness, Self-blame, Stress, withdrawal from life, withdrawal - for peace.

Betula Aloba (birch) 



Black pepper 

Amnesia-confusion, Anger-coping, Anger-expressing unrealized, Apathy, Confusion, dementia-memory, Dementia-appetite stimulant, Exhaustion, Fatigue-intellectual, Forgetfulness, Memory - lack of


Amensia- confusion, apathy, Confusion, Dementia- memory, Dementia - appetite stimulant, Exhaustion, Memory -lack of, Mood swings


Addiction, Aggressions - soothing, Bereavement, Emotional violence, Facing death, Fear of love, Fear of loving, Grief - dissipating, Misery, Rejection, Self-blame, Withdrawal - peace



Aggression - general, Amensia, fear induced, Anger - expressing in realized, Anxiety - general, Anxiety restless, Anxiety depression, Depression, facing death, fear - general, Fear of madness, Mood Swings, Obsessions, Passivity, Repression, trauma, Withdrawal- for peace, worthlessness- feelings of

Chamomile German 

Anger - calming, Depression - manic, irritability.


Chamomile Roman

abuse, Addiction, aggression - soothing, Aloneness, amnesia - fear induced, Anger - calming, Anger - coping with, Anxiety - genera, Anxiety - tense, anxiety -restless, Bereavement, Breakdown - general, Breakdown - emotional, Burn-out, Delirium tremens, Depression - weepiness, Depression-hysterical, depression - manic, Emotional violence, Emotional exhaustion, facing death, Fear -general, Fits -emotional, Grief-dissipating, Hysteria, Insomnia, Irritability, Loneliness, exhaustion, pain, pain - inflammatory, Phobias, rage, rejection, restlessness, Self-blame, schizophrenia, stress, trauma, Tremors, Withdrawal - of emotions, Withdrawal - for peace, Worthlessness - feelings of.


Dementia, Exhaustion - nervous, Misery


Cistus (rock rose) 

Addictions, Forgetfulness, Insomnia, Quarrelsomeness


Clary Sage  

Addictions, Addictions - alcohol, Addictions - drugs, Aggression - soothing, Anxiety - tense, Breakdown, Burn-out, Depression,

Nervous exhaustion, Fear - general, Guilt, Insomnia, Obsession, Pain, - with tension, Phobias,

Quarrelsomeness, Rage, Stress, Tiredness - mental, Trauma


Anger - expressing unrealized, Dementia - appetite stimulant, Misery, Pain, Quarrelsomeness,

Worthlessness - feelings of








Aggression - soothing, Doubt, Dementia - appetite stimulant, Fear of failure, Irritability, Memory - lack of, Mood swings



Amnesia - fear inducted, Fear - general, Fear of gossip, Fear of letting go, Forgetfulness, Grief - dissipating, Irritability, Mood Swings, Regrets, Rejection, Withdrawal from life, Breakdown, Confusion, Depression, Exhaustion

Eucalyptus radiate/globulus 

Delirium, Exhaustion


Eucalyptus (citriodora lemon

Addiction - alcohol, Depression, Fits - emotional, Moodiness, Self- blame, Stress, Mental fatigue

Fennel Sweet 

Fear of failure, Fear of madness, Fear of feelings


Addiction -general, Aggression -general, Aloneness, Anxiety -general, Anxiety - restless, Burn-out, Dejection, Depression, Depression - manic, Doubt, Emotional, facing death, Fear - general, Fear of Failure, Fear of madness, Fear of feelings, Fear of change, Fear of letting go, Forgetfulness, Grief - dissipating , Panic attacks, Repression, Stress, Withdrawal - for peace, Worthlessness - feelings of


Fear - general, Fear of sexuality, Fear of  letting go, Hypochondria, Rage


Abuse - the inner child, Addiction - drugs, Aggression - general, Amnesia - confusion, Amnesia - fear induced, Anxiety -general, Anxiety - apprehensive, Breakdown- general, Breakdown - emotional, Confusion, Dejection, Delirium tremens, Dementia, Depression, Depression - weepy, Depression- manic, Emotional violence, facing death, Moodiness, Mood swings, Self-blame, Schizophrenia, Stress, Trauma, Withdrawal of emotions, Withdrawal - for peace, Worthlessness - feelings of


Amnesia - confusion, Anger - expressing in realized, Apathy, Confusion, Dementia, Burn - out, Exhaustion, Fatigue - mental, Forgetfulness, Memory, Misery




Aggression  - general, Amnesia, Confusion, Dejection, Dementia, Stimulating appetite, Depression, Depression - manic, Exhaustion, Fear - general, - lack of, mental tiredness, Withdrawal - for peace

Helichrysum (immortelle or Italian everlasting) 

Addiction - general, Addiction - alcohol, Addiction - drugs, Amnesia - confusion, Breakdown - general, Burn-out, Confusion, Depression - general, Anxiety - dissipating, grief - expressing, Loneliness, Mood swings, pain, Panic attacks





Addictions, Addiction - drugs, Apathy, Burn -out - emotional, Emotional violence, Facing death, Fear of love, Grief - expressing, Regrets, Rejection, Repression, stress, Tiredness - mental, Withdrawal - emotions




Addictions, Addiction - drugs, Apathy, Burn-out - emotional, Emotional violence, facing death, Fear of love, Grief -expressing, regrets, Rejection, Repression, Stress, Tiredness - emotions



Addictions, Aloneness, Apathy, Burn-out, Dejection, Depression, Emotional violence, facing death, Guilt, Misery, passivity, Repression, Restlessness, Stress, Tremors


Addictions, Addictions- alcohol, Addiction - drugs, Anxiety - tense, Anxiety - restless, Confusion. Emotional violence, Exhaustion - nervous, Facing death, Guilt, repression, Withdrawal - for peace, Worthlessness - feelings of


Abuse - the inner child, aggression- soothing, Amnesia - shock induced, Anger - calming, Anxiety - general, anxiety - apprehension, bereavement, breakdown - general, breakdown - emotional, Confusion, Depression, depression - manic, Emotional violence, Exhaustion - nervous, Facing death, fear-general, Fear of change, Fits - emotional, Hysteria, Insomnia, irritability, Moodiness, Mood swings, pain, pain - with inflammation, pain- relaxing, panic attacks, Phobias, quarrelsomeness, rage, schizophrenia, stress, Tiredness - mental, Trauma.



Addiction - alcohol, Amnesia, fear induced, Apathy, Breakdown, burn out, Exhaustion, facing death, delirium tremens, dementia - appetite, depression, depression - manic, Fatigue - mental,  Fear- general, Forgetfulness, Insomnia, memory - lack of, Moodiness, Obsession, quarrelsome, self-blame, schizophrenia, Stress, trauma




Linden Blossom 

Anger - calming, Anger - coping, bereavement, Burn-out- emotional, dejection, dementia- restlessness, Depression, Exhaustion - emotional, Facing death, Guilt, Hysteria, insomnia, irritability, Mood swings, phobias, stress

 Litsea Cubeba

Aggression, Doubt, Exhaustion, Fits, - motional, irritability, mental tiredness, stress


Abuse - emotional, abuse - the inner child, amnesia - shock induced, anxiety - general, bereavement, breakdown, dejection, depression - general, Depression - manic, Hysteria, Insomnia, schizophrenia, Stress




Addiction, addiction - alcohol, Aggression - soothing, Burn-out, delirium, delirium tremens, depression, depression -hysterical, Exhaustion, Fits - emotional, Hysteria, Insomnia, mental tiredness, pain., Panic attacks, Phobias, rage, Stress, trauma, hypochondria


Abuse - emotional, abuse - the inner child, aloneness, amnesia - shock induced, anxiety - general. anxiety - apprehensive, Anxiety - depressed, bereavement, Burn-out- emotional, Emotional violence, depression, grief - expressing, irritability, self-blame, Stress, Withdrawal of emotions


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Reference: The Fragrant Mind : Valerie Ann Worwood

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