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Cardamom Personality Profile

    Frutie/ Spicie
    Electtaria cardamomum

Clarifying, Stimulating, Encouraging, Enthusiastic

Mental stress, Apathy, Confusion, Inflexibility, Judgemental, Intolerance, Unreasonableness, Burn-out, Suspicion, Sluggishness, Self-pity, Bewilderment, Rigidity

Clarity, Concentration, Direction, Motivation, Straightforwardness, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Courage, Fortitude, Purpose

Cardamom is a strong, forthright personality, full of fortitude, stimulating and straightforward. You know exactly where you are with them - What you see is what you get! There are no hidden motives to their actions and  they're direct and encouraging.This personality type gets motivated by good ideas and instils inspiration in others. Their being so enthusiastic could tend to get wearing if Cardamom wasn't also very balancing and able to harmonize everything. This is really their strength - no matter what happens to them, how fraught people may get when there pushed by Cardamom, in the end harmony will reign.

This characteristic of the Cardamom personality makes them very good leaders. They will push and push but in the end others will appreciate the sense of it all. Also, Cardamom believe in fairness and justice, and that too always comes through. Cardamoms wear an air of detachment much of the time, as if nothing really worries them, but when they get steamed up they go for the jugular! You don't mess with Cardamom! If you happen to be confused and in a bad situation, Cardamom will come to the rescue, but not on a white charger and bearing gifts. They are much too frugal for that. It couldn't be said that they're mean but they won't squander their hard-earned cash on anyone but themselves.

If you go out for dinner together don't expect them to pick up the bill, if you don't offer to pay yourself they'll split the bill straight down the middle and if there's one penny left over, they'll suggest you toss for it. Being so financially careful has its advantages  - for one thing, Cardamom never gets into dodgy deals. And Cardamom does like to have a few pennies tucked away for impulse buys.

The Cardamom personality loves flattery, but they rarely get it, so when a floral comes along full of sweet words, Cardamom will fall for it all. They can be a passionate personality, which may come as a surprise, and they love romance. Indeed, they'll dream up all kinds of crazy, exciting things to do, which can seem quite out of character. Who would have thought such a heart beats in them?

Female Cardamoms are perfectly comfortable with their masculine side, which makes them very interesting to men, who fell that women don't usually understand them. No Cardamom is dull and all lead interesting lives, making everything seem like an adventure. They will respect the wishes of other people, especially in a love relationship but, as parents, they can be very strict and expect their children to embrace their high morals. Partners are expected to be individuals, and are respected for it, this isn't always the case with children  - who Cardamoms expect to be carbon copies of themselves, enthusiastic and motivated about their school work to boot. They have great difficulty understanding a teenager's need to slump on the sofa listening to loud music.

When a Cardamom gets negative it can be quite alarming. Mostly, they suffer mental stress which can make them apathetic, inflexible, judgemental, or self-pitying. They become suspicious of everyone who tries to help them. If the negativity is allowed to carry on for too long, Cardamoms can completely lose interest in life, becoming losers, their sense of fair play and good judgement gone forever.

However, a positive Cardamom is good in leadership roles, provided that they learn to delegate, and they make excellent teachers. they aren't overly creative but they have the stamina to carry ideas forward which, in the end, can make them achieve more than a more creative personality.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind : V A Worwood 

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