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HELICHRYSUM (Immortelle or Italian Everlasting)


Helichrysum angustifolium, H italicum, H orientale


Gentleness - Harmonizing - Caring - Warming - Meditative


Abuse - Stress - Tension - Emotional crisis - Depression - Lethargy - Mental exhaustion - Emotional exhaustion - Tiredness - Emotional blockages - Disorientation - Overwork - Loneliness - Insecurity - Hypersensitivity - Grief - Addiction - Negative inner child.


Calm - Accepting change - Buffered - Dreams - Energy - Patience - Idealism - Understanding - Perserverence - Inner Strength - Acceptance - Awareness- Positive inner child.

The Immortelle profile is one of quietness, introversion and youth, with a quite knowing that comes from being sure of the spirituality of all things, and the understanding that there are greater things in heaven and earth than we can see. Fragile innocents in a harsh world, Immortelles are frequently called naive because of their compassionate nature and understanding of the frailties of others. This type can really accept changes of any sort as they're not fixed in their ideas and thoughts.

The Immortelle person is spiritually highly evolved and often seems almost fairy-like, having high consciousness and mental agility. If wronged, they can forgive quickly, and do not bear grudges, but will not encourage the company of anyone who does commit a wrong against them. Their cold shoulder can be difficult for the persons concerned, who often don't realize what they have done wrong.

This personality has a dry, cheeky, kooky sense of humor and is great fun to be with. Friendship is very precious to an Immortelle who, with an inner strength and genuine love, is always encouraging and helpful.

Immortelles are always able to see other people's points of view, even if they don't agree with them, and accept other people's way of doing things.
Immortelles always try at least to understand other ways of thinking and doing.

Because of their inner strength and open heart, Immortelle is willing to see new points of view and love exploring new ideas, walking new pathways and heading in new directions. They can easily leave people and problems behind, and don't worry about the past, having a strong sense of what is right and wrong. Immortelles have a willingness to develop and can learn life's lessons very quickly, developing ideas as they go along,learning from everyone and everything, from mistakes as well as successes.

This personality may have suffered abuse as a child - either emotional, verbal or physical. The sensitivity felt by Immortelle is partly due to their caring, in a corner of their heart, for a child hurt a long time ago. The neglect as a child may have taken the form of lack of love or emotional warmth in the home, and Immortelle may have had difficulty in understanding why they were feeling hurt.

Rejection is a very powerful emotionthat can be carried throughout life - whether that rejection comes from parents, peers, teachers, or siblings. They carry the emotional wounds very deeply (as does a Chamomile Roman type, but in a slightly different way).

Immortelles may aways be searching for the comfort neded to assure them that everything is all right. The Immortelle personality often appears guarded, as if protecting themselves emotionally, but this is an innaccurate judgement because it's just that they feel no need to externalize and express their emotions to everyone.

Sometimes a crisis of identity will occur if Immortelle did not recieve enough nurturing love as a child or young person.

They have no difficulty in acknowledging the child within themselves, just as they can acknowledge unseen forces, such as guardian angels or God, but just don't always tell you!

Ever young at heart and youthful in appearance, Immortelles will have the air of eternal youth about them, even in the last stages of their journey on this earth. They're very emotional and will cry like a baby at sad movies, being able to identify with the dramatized sorrow as if it were their own.

Immortelles are often very shy but if they could overcome that shyness, they would become the world's greatest actors and actresses because they've got such good empathy with other people, are exemplary speakers of truth, outspoken and direct - representative of people, animals and plant life.

Immortelles can get very apathetic and tired - both emotionally and mentally - often in middle age. When depressed, they cannot be consoled and will often be irrational and irritable, preferring to shut themselves off from the world, just hiding in bed or lying on the sofa, refusing to accept help.

They can also become disoriented and confused and lose their valued friendships through simple things like never phoning, missing meetings, being late and standing people up - and through a host of other annoying but not life-threathening faults.

For all this, the Immortelle personality is a floral who loves beauty, delicacy and joy - all qualities which they carry within their beautiful open heart. These are sensitive, caring and loving people and their idiosyncrasies should easily be forgiven.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood

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