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Cinnamon - Personality profile

LEAFIE/SPICIE - Cinnamomum zeylanicum

CHARACTER - Warming, Secular, Fair-minded

Instability, Severity, Bleakness, Malice, Spitefulness, Coldness, Fear, Nervous Exhaustion, Debility, Introversion, Superficiality

Invigorated, Steadfast, Benevolent, Strength, Practicality, Energized, Realistic, Direct

Cinnamon is the larger-than-life, affable type of person - practical, intelligent and with a strong personality. They can be very conservative in thought and nature, preferring the comfort of the establishment rather than the risk and discomfort of the unknown. This isn't to say they're unadventurous, far from it, as they do enjoy a bit of excitement now and again-provided that it doesn't interfere with their well-being.

They are usually large, gregarious types - if not in nature, then in largesse. Both males and females can be aggressive rather than assertive but neither have a sexist frame of mind - they believe everyone has an equal part to play, just so long as it doesn't  interfere with their own plans. Although they may appear sexist to others, Cinnamons simply do not think in those terms. To them, people are people. If women want to play football, 'good on 'em'.

Cinnamons take their home life very seriously  and will defend every-one in it - partner, children, brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents. They don't take kindly to anyone criticizing any member of their family and if the children are harmed, either physically or verbally, Cinnamon will instantly be on the warpath. And, indeed, may deal with anyone who seriously hurt their loved ones

Male Cinnamons are often admired by their peers as someone who is in control and has everything running smoothly, even if this isn't always the case. males are often sought, incorrectly, to be having exciting affairs, especially as Cinnamon never denies it, while the Cinnamon woman may very well be hiding a real secret! This personality is often described as strong, or as an 'all-round chap' (or chapette), and a good companion  - if a little vain. Cinnamons enjoy being well-dressed and usually have an expensive car, or at least a respectable one, a nice home and all the material possessions the western world deems necessary for a comfortable life.

The home will be full of all manner of electrical gadgetry (even if it's against the garden fence. If something wears out. Cinnamons don't bother mending it, they prefer to go out and buy a new one.

Unlike the sacrificing Juniper who puts everyone else first in the que, Cinnamons will first an d foremost please themselves. They stand up for their rights and want what is their due - and usually get it. The taxman or VAT inspector will be fought with and if the hospital isn't treating grandma right, the nurses, doctors and administrators will certainly get to know about it. Cinnamons expect service and honesty from everyone they deal with, and they never lie or short-change themselves.

Although Cinnamons wouldn't become local vigilantes, they do like law and order, with everything in its place, and no disturbances. They consider themselves fair-minded and despite unlawlessness, lying or cheating. Direct and forceful, Cinnamons can be too opinionated for their own good sometimes, particularly if an idea is at stake. Although they try to keep it hidden, they have a strong moralist streak, which often seems out of character for these street-wise people. Illness seemingly does not affect this character, but Cinnamons are sometimes clumsy and can be accident prone.

Athletic or other sporting activities appeal to their competitive nature. If they're allowed to be, the Cinnamon  personality can be manipulating and, because they like to be in charge, overtly controlling. They don't use cunning in their manipulation of others, being far to open for that, but will use brute strength of character, so, people often fin d it easier just to let them get on with it. It makes life more peaceful. If someone close does argue with Cinnamon, they'll sulk for weeks rather than give in - which is, of course, another way of getting control.

Negative Cinnamons become very superficial, hollow and conceited. They may start to buy the most ostentatious objects and can become unstable - bullying their partner and friends. Infidelity is an easy temptation for them, mentally if not always physically , but they'll blame their partner for it. If they get found out there will be heated arguments and Cinnamon will become very insecure. Verbal aggression is to be expected at this stage, and Cinnamon  can slide into mental stagnation, becoming withdrawn and lacking in motivation. Negativity robs them of the incentive to do anything worthwhile, and despondency can set in. With a little encouragement and praise, however, Cinnamon can soon be back in the game.

Because of their need for material wealth, which Cinnamon believe is necessary for their happiness, they often fin d themselves in jobs which aren't really suitable for their character. They are better off (men tally, if not financially) in jobs such as probation officer, security, social worker, and sports teacher. Although not really entrepreneurial, Cinnamons are happy being self-employed in service businesses that are steady and always in demand, such as plumbing, electronics, carpentry, building and decorating. Being trustworthy, they instil confidence in their customers and do well financially.

As friends and lovers Cinnamons are steady, lively company and every-one always knows exactly where they are with them. In their positive mode, they hold few surprises, are warm-hearted and generally good people to know. They're very approachable and will try to help someone out of trouble if they can, even though they won't consider it their responsibility to do so.

Reference: The Fragrant MInd: Valerie Ann Worwood


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