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GRAPEFRUIT - Fruitie - Citrus paradisi


Radiating - Cheering - Liberating - Boosting


Depression - Dependency - Sadness- Grief - Apathy - Mental Pressure - Mental Exhaustion - Emotional Violence - Self-Doubt - Self-Criticism - Aggravation - Frustration


Joyful - Positive - Confident - Clarity - Balanced - Attuned - Alert - Inspired - Generous - Uplifted - Emotionally purifies - Sponteneous- co-operative.

The grapefruit personality is about freshness and newness. These are happy, warm people who are usually bursting with energy-even when they're sitting down- with a wonderful radiation of pure energy that gives light to everything they do.

Even in the poorest countries, where you might think everyone is weighed down with daily problems of survival, the Grapefruit personality can be found with a big smile on their face, cheerfully helping a neighbour.

The Grapefruit personality has a very deep concern for humanity, and the direction the world is taking. They can't really understand why we allow people with no consciousness or consideration for their fellow man to take over the controls, and why we do nothing about it.

Grapefruits are not particularly concerned about money, although they're not blind to its importance in allowing us to get through life.Being 'comfortable', to them, doesn't mean having lots of money, instead 'comfort' equates with being contented.

Grapefruits love people and they dislike seeing someone not fulfilling their potential. They become great motivators, they 'get up and go' people, although not overbearing, not sying ' do something worthwhile with your life', rather, they give out subtle, discreet suggestions which the recipient doesn't real;ize were intended to give them confidence and motivation.

Infused with happy joyfulness, Grapefruits sing and laugh the loudest and are not in the least self-conscious. They might have difficulty toning all this down, however. Having no fear of other people, no matter how illustrious they may be,

Grapefruits are able to see clearly unspoken intentions and innermost thoughts. other people are often unaware of this ability of Grapefruit, seeing only the superficial, jolly exterior.

Grapefruits are very clear thinkers. They make wonderful healers because, if nothing else works, the placebno effect of their infectious enthusiasm creates well-being and because Grapefruits are attuned to their spiritual selves, and have afinity with the unseen realms.

Because they have a global perspective and care very strongly for the future of the planet, Grapefruits are very good in jobs concerned with the environment.

It's almost as if they've been put on earth as guides to light and happiness for the rest of us and would make very good leaders, if goodness were a prerequisite for leadership. It is a pity that they are often ignored in favour of the more ambitious personalities. As group leaders they can instil enthusiasm on a grand scale, but may tend to overdo it.

Grapefruits make thoughtful caring partners and lovers and very good parents but they may mentally (never emotionally) neglect their own children as they spend too much time trying to save the children of the world.

This can lead to resentment and discord. It's fairly easy for a Grapefruit to become bogged down with work or other responsibilities, or to get emotionally overloaded with problems of this planet, weighed down with the inhumanities human beings commit against each other.

It all becomes just too much. Tired and irritable with those nearest and dearest, an overwhelming sadnes can rest on their shoulders like a mantle.

Happily, a Grapefruit's light is not really extinguished and it's always there, ready to be rekindled. When they're on form, Grapefruits are warm, generous and very cleansing, mentally. Grapefruit is tempted by the prospect of being able to make a clean sweep, and helps many people to do just that.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood

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