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Clary Sage - Herbie- Salvia sclarea

Euphoric, Restoring, Harmonizing, Warming

Nervousness, Stress, Tension, Changeability, Worried, Anxious, Claustrophobic, Compulsive, Depression, Nightmares, Hostility, Hyperactivity, Lethargy, Obsession, Panic, Mental strain, Fear, Paranoia, Melancholy, Burn-out, Delusions, Emotional debility, Absentmindedness, Weepiness, Guilt.

Calm, Soothed, Confidence, Grounded, Regenerated, Inspired, Tranquil, Revitalized, uplifted, Balanced, Strength, Relaxed, Restores equilibrium.

Clary Sage's personality is not that of the wiser and more mature common Sage personality, but is more gentle, melancholy and thoughtful. Clary will not be rash in their words but will think carefully before they speak, measuring the effect their voice is having on others - making sure it is not offensive. Because clary sage has the ability to probe deeply into the psyche of others, they are very aware of the effect they can have on other people. Although they may appear pensive at times they are also playful and don't dwell on things too long, even if they give that impression. If gut feeling or intuition tells them something is finished, they will move on.

The clary sage personality has the ability to stir up many long forgotten feelings in people, good or bad, and it can be quite unnerving for some other types - such as the Tea Trees, who do not hide their feelings about anything. Having said that, Clarys are very warm and friendly and enjoy much in their favour. Clary's have the ability to be comforting in times of need, especially during periods of grief. Clary sage manage the pressures of daily life well and can handle all kinds of situations. Having an intriguing, fascinating nature, people are drawn to them (although the Clary sage often cannot figure out why). They are extremely  creative and contradictory - being the wise man one minute and the fool the next, and not giving it a second thought, and why not?

In work, Clarys will not rest until they're sure a job has been done correctly, using their psyche as well as their head, they intuitively knows when a task is complete. Being so adaptable they can tackle almost any job and shine in creative occupations, such as art, composing, writing, designing, or being involved in advertising, journalism, photography, video or film. For most of the time Clary sages are perfectly balanced between male and female characteristics. If a woman, she may have been called a tomboy  when young and if a man, he may have been called a sissy. Both would have been puzzled by this, as they simply don't have this type of sexist attitude.

In later life, they can be mistakenly thought to be falsely trying to be 'one of the boys' or ' one of the girls' but any sarcastic comment on this is met with an answer that will set the ears burning for a week!

Clary sages are very sexual people and enjoy sensuality in all its forms. When they fall in love it will be completely - with mind, body and spirit. Because of the balance between their male and female sides, a relationship with Clary sage can be a very harmonious experience. However, they are sometimes drawn to the more unconventional type of relationship, if only for the experience. They are deeply romantic and not at all frivolous about their relationships - but can have a lapse of morals where love is concerned. undoubtedly there is a secret life somewhere, which nobody will suspect. This secret life can be mundane - like going train spotting without telling anyone, or exotic - being a spy!

The female Clary sage will be very feminine, one of the most feminine of herbie types, and have lots of aspirations, dreams and hopes. She's probably waiting for a knight in shining armour to sweep her off her feet. The male Clary sage will search for the princess with the long shining hair, and the fact that none might exist for him does not dampen the dream. Indeed, Clary sages will dream their dreams until the day they die.

When in negative mode, both male and female Clary Sages can succumb to outside pressures in stead of dealing with them - and this may happen a mid-life crisis. It can make them hypersensitive and hesitant, and they'll start to find fault in their otherwise exciting relationships, claiming they are dull and uninspiring - being altogether temperamental. It is often when negative moods affect them that Clary sages will choose the wrong friends and lovers.

Negativity cramps their style, and creativity. Clary sages will become isolated in their feelings, may suffer emotional crises and, by choosing the wrong partner, emotional abuse. They will suffer with nervous and emotional burn-out, they'll become compulsive, lethargic and nervous, and may be prone to addiction. 

The negative Clary Sage can suffer paranoia and fears, and become obsessive. The shift from positive Clary sage to negative one can be very dramatic. This is very rare, however, because the Clary sage personality is more likely to be intelligent, confident and assured. Generally, they are very courageous, and nice people.

Shirley Price MIFA Reg., MISPA. aromatherapy teacher and author.
'Not everyone likes Clary's aroma, but she is one of those people who "grows on you" - and the more you get to know her, the more you like her and realize how dependable she is.

Among her many talents, she is perceptive, recognizing that we like to stay young...Not least, she is a charmer - helping us to succumb to the advances of our partner if we find them inconvenient or demanding when we are tired.'

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood


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