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The Modern Mind
WHAT A CRAZY WORLD! WE'VE GOT PEOPLE KILLING THEIR NEIGHBOURS ON A vast scale and calling it war, children being abducted and killed, drugs being sold in schools, workers being thrown out of their jobs, homes being repossessed, and countless reassure from all sides. I shake my head in wonder that any of us are sane. But, as our grannies used to say, 'we've just got to carry on'.

The world isn't going to stop being the pressurized whirlpool it is, and unless we buy the lucky lottery ticket, we'll still have to carry on dealing with our daily problems very much in the way we always have. Will we ever get through? Oh dear, no wonder half the population are strung out on drugs, or down at the pub, or smoking themselves into a grave! What is to be done? If you feel rotten you can go to your general practitioner where, in the waiting room, you might pick up a copy of an old magazine and see an article entitled, 'The day I went Insane' - about tranquillizer addiction.

The doctor calls you in just as you get to the bit where the lady says' the years went by I began to realize that my whole character was changing. My four children were young then  and I started to get aggressive , and hit them - which is something I'd never done - I'd shout and scream at them about the most minor things. I'm not an aggressive I knew that there was a change taking place.'

Hoping nobody will notice, you take the magazine in with you. After you've told the doctor (in five minutes) what the problem is - your life is caving in - he pulls his prescription pad over and starts to scribble. 'What's that for?, you ask.'Tranquillizers', he says. 'But  eh, I was reading this...'- you show him the article. He sighs. 'Oh, yes', he says, 'let's hope it doesn't come to that, We'll get you off them as soon as you feel better.' You ask if there are any alternatives.


You're told your depression can be treated with a new family of seratonin re-uptake inhibitors but there have been reported side effects. 'Like what?, you ask. Like changes in personality. 'Any other alternatives?', you ask. 'Therapy, but the waiting list is at least six months.' You say 'thank you', and leave with your prescription. If you live in America, like many people you might decide to go into psychoanalysis. Then you work out how much it's going to cost you - £150 each 50-minute session, four times a week for four years £124,800. You decide you can't afford it, so pick up a local and scan the small adds - looking for help, with your stressed-out life.

On both sides of the Atlantic there are dozens of talk-therapists of various sorts; and people who'll hypnotize you so you can discover the true reasons for your dissatisfaction with life - probably rooted in some rooted pre-incarnation, you're informed. Then there are the astrologers and card readers and chanellers who say they can show you the way forward. You find adverts for pre-recorded tapes which will subliminally teach you to have confidence, or wealth, or make you feel younger, or more assertive, less aggressive, more relaxed, or in tune with the whales. You develop a headache trying to figure out which tape to buy and with which therapist to make an appointment, then remember you've got a health magazine somewhere.

You find it and flick to the ads at the back . 'We can sort out your problem s', they say, through re-birthing, or rolfing, bodywork, meditation, yoga, visualization and the list goes on and on. But which one do you choose? By now you've become so confused , you feel more depressed than you did to start with - are you the only person in the world who hasn't sorted themselves out yet? You pour yourself a drink and pull out the old packet of cigarettes you stashed away when you gave up smoking two years ago.

Reference:The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood


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