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 The Mind body Connection

Imagine one of the swords used in fencing, a foil, and then think of it being thrust straight through a body, but that body doesn't bleed or appear to feel pain. This was the highlight of a stage act performed at the Corsco Theatre in Zurich in 1947 by a Dutchman, Mirin Dajo.

One of the audience had a heart attack and died and the show was banned, but a doctor heard about the strange goings-on and asked Dajo to undergo scientific enquiry. At a Zurich Hospital  in front of a large crowd including doctors and journalists, Dako's assistant again thrust the foil through his body and again there was no bleeding and the vital organs seemed undamaged.

With the foil through his body Dajo, and everyone else, trooped up the stairs to the X-ray room where it was proved that the foil was indeed going straight through his body. It was removed after a total of twenty minutes , and there were just two faint scars showing. Dajo later obligingly undertook examination by more doctors in Basel, one of whom run him through with a foil. Thanks to Dajo's mind over matter, the doctor didn't have to be charged with murder.

In Valencia, Spain, today, there is a Dr Angel Escudero who has performed surgery on over 700 patients without using anaesthetic. Instead he uses psycho - anaesthesia - simply telling his patients that during surgery they will feel nothing. Observers of the procedure confirm that no hypnosis is involved. This is a different type of thought transference.

The doctor says 'you will feel no pain' and the patient thinks 'I will feel no pain' - and they don't. According to Dr Escudero, the patient having liquid saliva in their mouth is a vital adjunct of therapy. He points out that having a dry mouth is a characteristic of stress, fear or panic. Unbelievably for more conventional doctors, Dr Escudero uses no antibiotics yet his patients have never once developed an infection. 

Dr Escudero calls his method noesitherapy after nostrils - action of thinking, and noesiology - the effects produced in human life  by one's own thoughts. Thoughts produce changes in our arteries and in every organ, says Dr Escudero, and he advises we think positive thoughts, not negative ones, and learn to live happier lives.
  • Dr Escudero takes his own advise and plays tennis regularly on the court in his lovely garden surrounding his home, which also houses the surgery and the operating room.
  • No commuting for him. In an operating room looking much like any other, Dr Escudero is assisted by the family he loves : his son - a doctor, his daughter - surgical nurse, and his wife, Marie Jesus, who talks to the patient, holds their hands and generally keeps them company.
  • The knife cuts deep into the flesh , metal rods are sometimes hammered through the limbs but the patient looks around happily, as if they were at a nice social gathering! The patient can feel heat and normal sensation - but no pain. All this is possible, apparently, because every thought is a programme  in the biological computer of our brain.
  • 'Think positive' is Dr Escudero's advise. We've all read reports in the newspaper about people being able to do extraordinary things in extraordinary situations. The mother for example, who lifted a car to release her son, trapped beneath it, or a man who jumped a ten foot wall to escape a rapid dog.
  • I heard about a woman caught in a war zone who pulled apart the iron bars across a window, to escape the enemy. Perhaps you or I could do the same.
  • Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie A Worwood
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