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Chamomile Roman Personality Profile

HERBIE/FLORAL: Anthemis nobilis

Nervousness, Irritability, Temper, Anger, Depression, Hysteria, Fear, Anxiety, Exhaustion, Worry, Stress, Tension, Grief, Emotional imbalance, Broken Heart, Grumpiness, Moroseness, Discontent, Impatience, Short-temper, over-sensitive, Melancholy, Spiritual disconnection

Stillness, Calm, Softness, Gentleness, Relaxed, Serene, Spiritually aware, Emotionally stable, Inner peace, Understanding, Co-operative.

Chamomile Roman is like someone who has been blessed with sunshine and joy, a harmonious disposition and emotional life. They are serene and gentle, and can sometimes seem to be in a dreamlike state, as if communicating with unseen angels. Chamomiles often have a strange power over ordinary mortals , on whom they have a calming, almost sedative effect, and people will follow them anywhere, believing implicitly in everything they say.

When a Chamomile Roman commits, they really commit themselves - either to a project or person. Half measures are not for them. They are great company and people will always be eager to visit them, as they are relaxing to be with, and have lots of interests are entertaining, amusing and charming. In fact they can charm the birds off the trees...and probably understand the birds' conversations as well.

Chamomile Romans do not possess a ego as such and can appear overly-humble in certain situations, being embarrassed is lavish praise is heaped upon them, although they may be secretly pleased that someone appreciated their work. This is not false modesty, but just a surprise that anyone would consider they had done anything out of the ordinary. 

The inner peace that Chamomile Romans appear to have can be misleading because inner conflicts can torment them - mainly on the issue of their on earth, and not in heaven! They are liable to have changeable moods and emotions, particularly in relationships - and this can cause them (and other people) emotional stress. Chamomile Romans can also become allergic people - cutting them off, putting notices on the door saying 'keep away', and being generally disagreeable so nobody wants to visit.

However, this is necessary to enable them to refresh themselves. They pick up other people's feelings, pain and distress, and sometimes need time alone to recollect themselves before facing the world again. Romans are not only allergic people, they can also be allergic to emotional problems or stress - and develop bloating and other intestinal problems, for example. Romans can become very depressed, unable to see anyone's point of view, and get distressed beyond belief if an injustice is done to them.

A negative Chamomile Roman will tend to externalize everything and have what could be called verbal diarrhoea. They will tell you every little detail of their day, how hard done by they were, what their work colleagues did to them, and how unjust everyone and everything has been towards them. No details will be left out and it may go on a bit. This is just a Roman's way of discharging distasteful episodes in the day but it can be annoying to the partner because when Roman has finished talking they're emotionally exhausted and drained, and won't want to hear anything a partner might have to say about their day.

Anyhow, they will shortly bloom again and will no longer wish to speak about any of it. In fact, to be asked to repeat the events just makes them throw up their hands in horror because, as far as they're concerned, it's now over and done with. This cathartic experience can leave others annoyed to say the least, and can often lead to misunderstandings.

Chamomile Romans are more feminine than their brothers, the deep blue Chamomile Germans, and some human beings carry the characteristics of both. But above all, Romans are in touch with their spiritual selves. When they're children this can take the form of seeing fairies or imaginary friends, and it can quite easily carry on into adulthood. Chamomile Roman profiles are gentle and delicate with a serenity many would like to achieve, but which hardly any other personalities do - except perhaps Neroli.

NB: Teddy Fearnhamm IScB France, MRQA, aromatherapist and teacher:
'Chamomile Roman has every quality attributed to caring - it presents a small waterfall of comfort. Think of it: a cascade of Chamomile Roman and you immediately feel loved'.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie A Worwood


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