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 Chamomile German Personality Profile

HERBIE/FLORAL: Matricaria chamomilla

CHARACTER: Strong, Peaceful, Healing, Cooling


Nervousness, Frayed nerves, Anger, Frustration, Emotional dramas, Emotional tension, Irritability, Temper, Tenseness, Over-sensitive, Moodiness, Stormy, Bitterness, Resentment, Indifference, Deep emotional baggage.


Communicative, Relaxed, Understanding, Organized, Soothing, Empathy, Patience, Calm

This deep blue Chamomile is a bountiful type of person, very deep and emotionally strong. Thy're experts at all activities that require sacrifice and determination. Blues are the father that tucks you in at night, the teacher who helped you with a difficult project, telling you not to worry, and the police officer who helped you home when you were in distress -the type of person you remember as being kind and caring even though you were a stranger to them. Chamomile Germans have emotional depth  and the ability to draw out the best in other people, but seem to keep their own feelings to themselves, preferring to use metaphor to disguise how they feel. The Chamomile German type is liable to be down-to-earth, quite up-front, and always appears to be strong in thought - not at all frivolous. However, they can dramatize things and are often drawn to jobs which involve a certain amount of drama or communication.

They may be involved in religion, and feel they have a calling as a priest, for example, but, whatever religion it is they are drawn to they'll strive to have a deep understanding of it. Philosophy, archaeological digs, ancient monuments and architecture may be enjoyed by this personality, who is also fascinated by the lives of ancient people and their rulers.The blue chamomiles are well suited to a profession in teaching or anything to do with books - publishing writing, particularly non-fiction. Being, great organizers, they'll organize everything if you let them - including what you have for lunch and who you should invite to your party. If their suggestions aren't taken up, the Blues can get upset, although this doesn't last too long and is soon forgotten. This is a very contented personality, and seems to take everything in its stride.

The negative side of the Chamomile German personality is dark moods and heaviness of heart, In arguments they become irritable and they try to get their point of view across, and confused, tense and easily frustrated, speaking loudly and impatiently - the complete opposite to their normal behaviour. When in negative mode they can get easily upset, which disarms people who are used to seeing Chamomile in charge of everything.

Often adopoting an air of indifference , it leads to break-ups of relationships because it can be difficult for the partner to understand what sparked off Chamomile's bad mood. But this type often lives in the past and some subconscious cue could have reminded them of a past mistake or bad experience. Or it could have been a build up of things, an explosion (the blues need to express themselves, not bury it) which gets aimed at the thing or person nearest to them - usually the family or partner.

Of course a strong relationship will ride out the storm, as most of these episodes are short-lived, but while they last, Chamomiles have everyone running for cover, including the dog. The deep blue chamomile Germans are good to have around in an emotional storm, or when grieving, as they provide a strong, solid shoulder to cry on if needed.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood 


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