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There is such a thing as 'higher consciousness', which people experience and express in different ways. Tuning-in to whatever forces exist outside the normal, humdrum world, is an activity human beings have strived to do since the beginning of known time. On the Mediterranean island of Crete, three and a half thousand years ago, the opium poppy was employed to assist communication with the goddess, while in Mexico for thousands of years, people have reached out, and looked within, for that dimension of being we all know is there - the spiritual.

Spirituality and mind are one. To be human, to have a mind, is to be spiritual. In most places at most times the definition of the spiritual realm was pretty straightforward - everyone around believed in the same spiritual concept and one just fell into line. Today however, there are many spiritual options. Walking down an inner-city street you can pass a church, a Society of Friends' (Quakers) meeting house, a synagogue, a mosque, a Hindu temple or a Buddhist Centre. Which one are you going to walk into, If any? You might feel more drawn to a goddess-worshipping group, or a Tantric group, or any number of other groups who in their own way seek the spiritual path. 

On the other hand you may not like groups, and may want to experience your spirituality in a personal, private way.
People who have a spiritual base, even if it is just a personal idea of their own, have a grounding which is emotionally strengthening. They feel in touch with the wider forces, and linked to other people. Obviously, this can be bad when it turns into moral superiority - 'my religion is the only correct religion and the rest of you are wrong', but it is good to feel links with other people; be part of a wider family.

This feeling can be experienced even when all alone - when meditating for example, or gazing at the stars or on a clear night. Even alone, quietly, one can feel a connection with nature, with the natural forces, with the earth, the sky, with animals and people. We are all connected, like a golden web, so try to connect and don't feel so alone.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind-Valerie Ann Worwood

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