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The Untapped Mind

The human mind is a strange, powerful thing. Mothers walking around the supermarket are stopped in their tracks by a 'feeling' that something has happened to their child. Lovers a thousand miles away from each other know when the other is in trouble - and call it 'instinct'. Some people can dream events before they happen - precognition. Uri Geller and many other people can, by sheer force of will, bend spoons. Others can make objects move around the room - without touching them. Archaeology uses the talents of people who can hold an ancient object and give the scientists a full history of it, and lead them to the precise site of an ancient building, far beneath the soil.

Under hypnosis people can remember past lives, complete with precise details and even the long-dead languages - which are later proved to be accurate (by amazed professors who have spent their lives studying the subjects). Something is going on - but what?

Works of creation produced by people we call geniuses are often attributed by the artists themselves to some outside force. Johann Sebastian Bach said ' I play the notes in order, as they are written. It is God who makes the music.* John Milton the whole of The paradise Lost was dictated to him, while Robert Louis Stevenson received Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in a dream. Poor Samuel Taylor Coleridge was writing Kubla Khan in one long stream of consciousness when he was interrupted, and when he tried to go back to his writing the 'inspiration' was lost, and the work was never completed.

In a letter to a friend, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote that the notes of his music came from outside himself: 'Whence and how they come, I know not, nor can I force them.....nor do I hear in my imagination the parts successively but I hear them, as it were, all at once.' Many scientists also report that their most brilliant thoughts came to them in a flash of inspiration, as if from outside themselves. Something is going on  -  but what?

Reference: The Fragrant Mind:Valerie A Worwood. 


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