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Meditation And Visualization

Meditation and Visualization-techniques and they can be learned quite easily from books, or even without them. With meditation, you're aiming to clear your mind of all thoughts. This very difficult at first but it becomes easier with practice and even just ten minutes a day will help improve your health. You will need to focus on something. Some people use a sound - like 'Om' while others think of an image - a lotus flower for example, while others concentrate on their breathing. The idea is to be very quiet, so silent you can almost hear what's going on within your body. Thoughts will come but let them float away - don't hang on to them.

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Before starting, flex your toes and then release them, then do the same with your calves, thighs, buttocks, tummy, arms, shoulders, neck, head and face. pre-recorded tapes are available which lead you through a meditation, and they can be very helpful. Unplug the phone or put on the answering machine so you are not disturbed. Burning essential oils in a diffuser can certainly help the meditative process - choose one oil that you like or a combination of oils, perhaps choosing from the list of oils that help with anxiety.

Like meditation, visualization is an extremely ancient practice. The Hindu yogis texts known as the tantras were written between the fourth and sixth centuries AD and include the advice to visualize the desired lover. By making a precise image in your mind, complete with physical, mental and spiritual attributes, and focusing on it every day, the lover could be conjured up - for real. The Tibetan Tantric texts contain sadhanas, visualization exercises, which could be used to create anything one desired.

This method made perfect sense to the Tantrists, who believed everything in the world was created by thought, and continues to be modified by the collective thought of all mankind.  To perfect their visualization techniques, the more serious adepts would spend years in a closed room or cave. The Sufis are another group who believe that a person's destiny can be shaped by visualization, which they call 'creative prayer'.

In western culture these days, visualization is being fairly widely used to treat illnesses, especially cancer. in medical visualization, the idea is to imagine a 'killer' destroying the diseased cells. What one imagines foing the 'killing', and how you imagine the bad cells you want to get rid of, is entirely personal. The killer might be a shark progressively eating a school of little fish, or it might be a pac-man munching through the unwanted cells, or a gun blasting away bits of the Tumour.

The crucial thing about visualization is to practice. i don't mean practice doing it (although you have to do that too), but practice visualising real live objects before you start creative visualization. You can practice with anything - a flower, for example. Look at the colour of the petals, and their texture, and register how many petals the flower has and look at the stamen. Whatever you choose to practice with, just have a good look at the object, close your eyes, try to see it in your mind's eye, and when you lose the image, have another look at the real thing.

Keep going like this until your ability to see things clearly, and your ability to remember them, becomes better. Practise looking at and visualizing something interesting and pleasant, real or in two-dimensional picture from - a tree, garden, sea shore or whatever. Don't choose a cup or table or something equally boring because your interest will not be maintained.

If you decide you want to try to get rid of cancer cells inside you by imagining a shark, for example, get a picture of an actual shark and have a good look at it-look at the colours of its skin, the shape and form of its body. And if your cancer is in the colon, for example, get a book on anatomy and have a really good look at the anatomy of a colon. 

Also, if you are basically a pacifist, don't use imagery which is violent. Instead of thinking of guns blasting away at the tumour, think of it as slowly dissolving, or cracking open like an egg and pouring away, or being baked and gradually shrivelling up. 

As you practice visualization, burn six to eight drops of essential oil on a burner or diffuser in the room. Use something pleasant, and relaxing - something you enjoy smelling. Eventually, you'll be able to take your visualization skills out with you so you can sit on a train and, even with your eyes wide open, do your visualization exercise. If you also have a couple drops of your usual visualization essential oils on a tissue, or  on your sleeve, you can inhale them and it will help throw your mind back to your practising and help focus your mind.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood     


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