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Coriander Personality Profile

Coriander- Coriandrum Sativum


Enlivening, Motivating, Encouraging

Use to Counteract These Negative Attributes
Emotional tiredness, Weariness, Irritability, Nervousness, Stress, Nervous debility, Doubt, Fear of failure, Sulkiness, Being Uncooperative, Vulnerability.

Use For These Positive Attributes
Creativity, Imagination, Good Memory, Confidence, Motivation, Optimism, Sincerity, Expressiveness, Enthusiasm

Coriander is a light, sweet, frivolous type of personality - but with hidden depth! They are sincere, imaginative, full of optimism, and very warm and inviting. They're always surrounded by people asking favours and their opinions and, being so accommodating. Corianders never turn anyone away. Corianders enjoy expressing themselves and are masters of body language in getting their point across - throwing their hands in the air to express frustration or giving themselves a gleeful hug, if they receive good news. Corianders are people to enjoy!

When they're positive, Corianders are full og imagination and very creative. To say they do their own thing would be a bit of an understatement and whatever they're involved in, it'll be different. Take their home, for example, it might be minimalist in the extreme - white and totally empty except for a futon, or they might have a shocking pink dining-room with a plastic fish hanging from the ceiling. The radiators  might be decorated with sparkle sequins, or there might be so many objects around the place you have difficulty finding a seat. Corianders definitely do things their own way!

This personality has quite an extraordinary memory, and they are able to recount  an event that happened years ago in precise detail, repeating conversations word for word that you or I would have long forgotten. It can all be very unnerving! They remember not only words, but the expressions people used when they said them and their tone of voice - all of which provides a great store of information for those who become actors and actresses.

If there was an animal equivalent to this personality it would be the chameleon, and only very close friends will be able to ignore the different characters they take on every day and see the real person underneath. This is not to say that these people have multiple personalities, it's just that they can adopt different looks and behaviour pattern at a moment's notice and discard them just as easily. All this makes them very stimulating people to be with - providing you can keep up the pace! Corianders will accept your faults and foibles with perfect, unjudgemental tolerance.

once had a secretary who did not fit what might be the stereotype, because she'd come to work in quite outlandish clothes... sometimes! This was in the early days of punk and one day she came in with shocking pink hair and Vivienne Westwood clothes. A week later she walked in with short black hair and a suit that would have looked at home in the lawcourts. She was amazing, their is no other word for it.

She laughed a lot and everyone liked her, plus she was good at her job. I was pregnant during this time and she fulfilled my strange dietary requirements without saying a word. If I'd asked her for a coal and cinnamon sandwich, I swear she wouldn't have battled an eyelid! She'd just ask! with or without mayonnaise?

Corianders are passionate in whatever they do, even if it just takes a minute, and it can be very confusing (not to say exhausting) to the un initiated. The person who gets involved with a Coriander will never quite know who they are meeting. As one lover of Coriander told me ' I'm left breathless but captivated'. They eventually drift into jobs where their talent is recognized, but may start out in a different field altogether.

When they're negative, Corianders can be very unco-operative, questioning everything. They will sulk and become very vulnerable to criticism, sometimes having a weariness upon them which makes you wonder if they can carry on. They become almost childlike in the sense that they have no confidence or self-esteem. This is particularly noticeable if they're in show business or in any type of job that involves daily contact with the public, such as sales.

As they start to doubt their abilities, Corianders become nervous and if they're actors or actresses will develop bad stage fright and lose their memory for lines. This can be truly terrifying experience for them. Mesmerized into inactivity, it can take the negative Coriander a very long time to recover and, sadly, some performers never do.

If a Coriander falls into negativity, they'll need their family and friends to rally round and slowly coax them back to life. The knocks will show and although they'll be bright and breezy, they'll adopt an air of caution for a while - until something new and wonderful happens. Which recharges their batteries and they're off again!

Nicole Perez, MIFA Reg., aromatherapist and teacher
'Coriander begins with "C" as in Confidence and it often takes confidence and courage to allow the experience of life to move and release our deepest feelings. Its scent pervades, giving a feeling of being slightly drunk and, as with alcohol, it frees the senses from inhibition and brings out our sensuality but it can also stir our libidinous self.'

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood

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