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Eucalyptus Lemon - Personality Profile

Leafie/Woodie-Eucalyptus citriodora

Character: Vital, harmonious, Stimulating, Comforting

Use to Counteract These Negative Attributes
Sluggishness, Emotional crisis, Emptiness, Confusion, Disillusionment, Restlessness, Fear, despondency, loneliness, Unable to let go.

Use For These Positive Attributes
Concentration, Enthusiasm, Upliftment, vitality, Understanding, Creativity, Regeneration, Optimism, Encouraged, Empathy, Freedom, Expressiveness, Soundness, Trusting.

This personality is fresh, alive, and loves freedom. Eucalyptus citriodora is like the youngest member of the eucalyptus family, constantly expressing new ideas and full of vitality and laughter. Indeed, expressiveness and enjoying life to the full is what this personality is about.

What excites them is new things and new ideas and anything which catches the imagination and is inventive. Citriodoras will be the whizz kids on the latest computer games, and they'll event a gadget if they find one is needed- a capacity made possible by their tremendous imagination. When you're around a citriodora, you feel as if you're on the edge of making a new discovery- which you very possibly are!

The one thing Citriodora cannot stand is being tied down or feeling hemmed in. They love, and indeed need freedom - freedom to express themselves, freedom to move wherever it pleases them to go, and freedom to be who they really are. This can be quite dis-concerning if you're in a relationship with a Citriodora because they'll only want to see you ( and be really happy to do so) when they want to (although they may agree to compromise!) This 'on-off' quality can make having a relationship with them seem rather like having a relationship with a roller coaster, especially if you're a home-loving Marjoram.

Citriodoras have a freshness and exuberance which they bring to everything they do, whether this is in a relationship, at home or work. In the work place they are veritable dynamo, very dynamic and go-getting, yet they're also very sound and trustworthy. They abhor disharmony and will often try through humour to bring about a balance.

Secrets are very safe with this personality and you can have absolute faith that they will not exploit any weaknesses they may discover in you or anyone else. If you're going through an emotional crisis, Citriodora will be a tower of strength, listening attentively, never criticizing or judging, or even remarking on any aspect of your behaviour that others would call pathetic. For all their love of freedom, Citriodoras are very sound people.

When Citriodora get downhearted, it's usually because there is just too much to do, too many ideas to process, too many places to visit, and too many people to see. Will Citriodoras ever be able to do it all in one life-time? This question bothers them and they are often drawn to the idea of reincarnation, if only because it gives them the opportunity to get more done. People disillusion Citriodoras,, rather than events, and they can feel empty and lonely if they somehow forget (in the rush) to include love and romance on their agenda. Instead, they leave it all to fate. They can become sluggish and apathetic , fearful of situations which otherwise would not bother them.

Judy is a typical Citriodora in that she is bright, funny and encourages and comforts everyone. Whenever she sees her friends she boosts them up so they can forge ahead or take that vital risk which moves them closer to their goal. This is one of the reasons why Citriodora ar4e so well loved When there are steps to be taken into the unknown , Judy is always willing to hold her Friend's hands - when she's around.

And there's the rub because like any Citriodora, Judy begins to feel uneasy and trapped after a while, and must put on her wings and fly! Her friends would get a postcard from India or Australia once in a while and then, knock, knock, she'd be on the doorstep again - as if four years hadn't even passed. However she started to feel lonely as if she'd missed out on meeting Mr Right by being constantly on the move but, eventually, so i'm told.

Judy married an Orange type personality on top of the Ande mountains, and they are now living happily in Brazil.

Overall, Citriodora are fun people , creative and enthusiastic and, if you can handle friends who knock on the door at two o'clock in the morning for a c up of coffee after not seeing them for two years, great friends.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood

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