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Fennel Personality Profile - The Fragrant Mind

Fennel, Sweet, Seedie, Foeniculum vulgare dulce

Character: Clearing, Resolute, Enlightened

Use To Counteract These Negative Attributes
mental blockages, Emotional blockages, Boredom, Unable to adjust, Fear of failure, Hostile, Overburdened, lack of creativity

Use For These Positive Attributes
Enlivened, Motivated, Fortitude, Clarity, Forceful, Perseverance, Courageous, Reliable, Confident, Assertive

This highly active Fennel personality will take brisk walks, regular exercise, and be a member of a sports ' club. At school they will love athletics be on the sports team, and they may even receive a sports' scholarship. Fennels are constantly active and always on the move. They don't walk- they hurry along - leaping up the stairs rather than waiting for a lift . Fennels buy exercise tapes to use at home, they belong to swimming clubs and probably play squash at the weekend. They excel at any type of competition - at work as well as at play.

Fennel is a very assertive personality, invigorating and determined. They'll decorate the house while everyone else is only thinking about it, redesign the garden over the weekend, and change the furniture around on a whim - and still find time to visit friends! They're very kind people, and will help their neighbours or friends if they can't find anything else to do at home. As children, they'd willingly walk the dog, run errands and generally be helpful, getting bore easily and preferring to do anything rather than sit still.

Emotionally too, Fennels are very active, moving from one emotion to another - crying one minute and laughing the next. It's very easy for fennels t build a brick wall to hide their emotional pain, and it can take forever to knock it down and get to know them deeply. They'll talk for hours and hours about themselves and then you realize - they actually told you nothing! Nothing important, anyway of that they are superficial people, although at times it may seem that way, Although apparently easy going, they're actually shifting gear constantly, so you can't really catch who they are.

They're not big on profound relationships, thinking they may hold them back in life, and often end up alone if they can't find someone who can fit into their plans. Fennels can be very tiresome because you never get a straight answer, even to a simple question like, 'Which day shall we go to the movies?' This personality is just too frightened of commitment. But, although sometimes exasperating, Fennels are never dull.

Fennels are very intelligent people, quick-witted and creative and needing a lot of mental stimulation, The partner should be an equal, rather than one who simply complements their personality. Provided that you don't need to understand how they tick, and don't want to dig too deeply into their motives for doing things, Fennels make terrific friends . Being intellectually sharp, Fennels are often ahead of the game - as if they have inside knowledge.

This personality makes good stockbrokers and financiers because they love the risk element in making a deal which might make them, or lose them, ten million pounds. Money is very important, and they enjoy making it, so they also make good entrepreneurs - whether ale or female. Fennels are assertive and know what they want and 'go for it', but not at the expense of others - unless it really can't be avoided!

When they're being negative, it's a complete reversal - Fennels will become what can only be described as a slob, and slump in a chair, not bothering to see friends. Activities fly out the window as Fennels lose their competitive edge, not really bothering about anything - which can be a disaster if they have a job that involves quick thinking. The only race they think about will be the one on TV. The more negative they become, the sharper their tongue becomes and anybody who passes them on the success ladder will be ridiculed and become the subject of sarcasm.

Unless something snaps them out of this negative mode, Fennel will get more guilt-ridden. For their family and friends it'll be like watching the Titanic go down, a horrifying loss of potential. It takes a brave person to attempt to budge them, and the best thing is flattery. Once they're roused, it will be painful to watch them try to repair the damage to their health and business contacts. Fennels, meanwhile, will be totally perplexed as to how they allowed all this to happen.

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood


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