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Black Pepper Personality Profile

Black Pepper
Piper nigrum
Security, Comforting, Directional, Endurance

use to counteract these Negative attributes
Emotional blockages, Compulsions, Confusion, Disorientation, Fatigue, begrudging, Indecision, Irrationality, Anger, Frustration, Emotional Coldness, Apathy, mental Exhaustion

Use for these Positive attributes
Comfort, Stamina, Endurance, Motivation, Changeability

Black pepper is the older, sterner personality among essential oils but having said that, it can also be the livelier, older type personality. Black Pepper people often seem old for their age, whether they're the baby who seems to be thirty or the twelve year-old who acts as if they were forty-two.

This type of person will reprimand you for not having behaved correctly at a social gathering -particularly if you are a carefree Melissa type. Indeed, Black Peppers can be very upright and extremely self-righteous (provided that it suits them) and, if allowed to be, dictatorial. On the other hand, they can be charming, trustworthy, kind and very loyal if they wish, if they like you.

As parents, their children may not understand Black Peppers until they themselves are middle-aged, and although often stern and forbidding to their children, they can instil  a sense of security, which can be comforting in that the children know exactly what to expect. Once understood, Black Peppers are very predictable.

In the workplace and at home Black Peppers can be very stimulating, encouraging everyone to succeed, and tend to take on responsibility for everyone in their family circle. However, these are more likely the financial responsibilities rather than the  emotional ones, provided that their advice is being taken. If a male Black Pepper has a son, he'll have to compete with the son, and will have to be Lord and Master. If female, Black Pepper will be of the 'she who must be obeyed' type. They'll bale their family out of trouble not so much for their family's sake, but for their own reputation, and will have no qualms about cutting a son or daughter out of a will and leaving them penniless.

Black Peppers can be very flirtatious and may boast about their sexual con quests, but this is more to convince themselves that they can be passionate. in truth, they may have an inability to let themselves be free enough to release passion. Although Black pepper is a hot, warming essential oil, the person personality Black Pepper is not warming in love. if they ever recognize true love it's likely to be discarded for a better social match.

Black Peppers go through life having a multitude of lovers, trying to find, once again, the true love they let go - but they'll never admit it of course.This type will tolerate anyone for the sake of appearance or if they think that the other person might be useful to them in some way - until they get out of earshot, but Black peppers make loyal friends.

They're unashamed show-offs and have to be better than anyone else at everything (even if they're not), and they love to show off their knowledge - whether or not it's got something to do with their chosen career or hobby, They're not unknown to adopt a 'holier than thou' attitude. Where Black Peppers are welcome is when they help with financial problems, give advice on stocks and shares, or tax returns, procedures in law and so on. They'll know how to get the most out of the welfare state and how, in monetary terms, to exploit the system to their advantage.

Black peppers can sometimes be exasperating in their lack of empathy towards other people, and their complete lack of lateral thinking. They will lament the number of homeless, for example, but wonder 'why do people put themselves in that situation?'. Black Peppers will ignore the plight of the majority of the world, as they're only interested in themselves and their families. Yet they often have a charismatic power that tricks people into thinking they are leaders of men - which they definetly are not, but frequently arrange to be! They just don't have the compassion or understanding  needed and will become the dictators, if allowed. Also, having a fiery temperament, Black peppers can often blow their tops with indignation and frustration, usually over the stupidity of others.

Black Peppers can be found in all walks of life, to a degree, but prefer jobs that give power and money - which they love, or which involves linear thinking - a career they do not have to use their imagination or creativity  too much. Black peppers would excel at being lawyers, judges, solicitors, bankers , accountants, financial advisors, or a life in the military services - army rather than navy or airforce, prison services, traffic wardens  and traffic police.
 They are often found in unsuitable jobs and will never be happy unless they are in charge.

The family will take the brunt of Black peppers frustration and anger as they take it all out on the family when they get home. Negative Black Peppers will blame everyone  else for their emotional state  and can be irritable, cold, stunted emotionally, and very emotionally violent. Luckily, it is very rare to find a completely negative Black Pepper Personality.

One such character was a retired insurance underwriter from Lloyds of London, who'd made a packet from being in the know, and being  with the right syndicate. From an extremely modest background, he changed his accent, conveniently forgot his roots, fought and rose to become a respected member of the community. When it became apparent that his wife no longer fitted the picture, he embarked on a series of affairs, to show off to his friends and colleagues that he was a hit with the ladies, while dragging out his divorce for seven years while he hid his assets s that his wife would get the minimum.

His son, who had been treated as a rival since birth, was dumped with the mother, while the flattering daughter was given all the attention - and money! But, to save family face, when the unloved son went wild, the cold Black Pepper father, picked up the bill. All his children wanted was for him to say' I love you' but for Black Peppers , even when they feel love, these are the hardest words to say.

Reference: The Fragrant MInd. V.A.Worwood


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