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Electro Magnetism 

 The word electron was adopted from the Greek by William Herbert, physician to Queen Elizabeth 1 in the sixteenth century. Gilbert demonstrated the electron factor by applying friction to amber(which is of course a plant resin), which makes light objects like feathers attract to it.But electricity and magnetism are more impressive than this. In the 1960s Wilderanck showed that if an electric field was applied to cells in a fluid suspension they would join up to make a string of chains which would originate along the lines of magnetic force. When the field was turned off, the cell returned to their individual unconnected state.

 All life has electric properties . The ion channels in cell membranes cause a voltage difference ac ross the membrane or nearly one tenth of a volt . If you put twenty neurons together in the correct way you could get a charge of 1.5 volts - enough to run a small torch. Chains of molecules (polymers) are polarized like DNA helix, which has a positively charged end - just like a magnet.

Human beings react to sun spots happening 93,000 miles away like recievers of energy. Doctors apply electric impulses to broken limbs, which have proven difficult to mend, and hey presto, they heal! Electrical osteogensis is just one aspect of the new branch of science, electrical medicine, which is developing all the time. 

Essential oils have electrical properties, which are defined in terms of positive-negative and polarity. Thus an aroma molecule might be negative and polar, or positive and non-polar. Even the electrical properties of individual components in essential oils can be measured and we know, for example, that aldehydes have an electro-negative character, while mono terpene hydro carbons have moderately electro-positive molecules .

Phenols are electro-positive while turpenic alcohols are for the most part mildly electro-positive. Esters are electrically neutral, aldehydes have a distinct electro-negative character and phenols have an electron deficiency. The electrical coctail going on in the human body  - positives and negatives all firing at different times, yet in synchrinicity.

According to essential oil researchers Franchomme and Penoel, they are carriers of negative or positive energy depending on whether they have an excess or lack of electrons, whether donors or acceptors of electrons. This makes essential oils very dynamic, and a good set of therapeutic tools to work with. 

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie A. Worwood

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