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Eucalyptus - Personality Profile

Leafie/Woodie- Eucalyptus globulas

Energizing, Stimulating, Balancing, Sheltering

Use To Counteract These Negative Attributes
Exhaustion, Temper tantrums, Irrational thoughts, Lack of concentration, Cluttered thoughts, Temper tantrums, Irrational thoughts, Explosive nature, Argumentative

Use For These Positive Attributes
Emotionally balanced, Concentration, Logical thought, Centred, rationality, Composed. Predictable

Eucalyptus Personality Profile
Just as there are many species of Eucalyptus tree, so there are many variations on the Eucalyptus personality. Here, we are talking about the Eucalyptus globulas personality, which I shall simply refer to as 'Eucalyptus'. For the most part Eucalyptus are very calm, rational people. They don't have any special abilities and wouldn't stick out in a crowd. Everyone seems to know one. Eucalyptus remains calm in a storm and, when they're in positive mode, try not to make a fuss, preferring to sort things out for themselves. They don't gossip and can keep a secret.

In general, the Eucalyptus personality is content and well-balanced. Some people might call them dull but they're a refreshing change from some of the more dynamic personalities and they do have an adventurous spirit, which takes the form of planning a project and quietly getting on with it. They don't make plans just for the sake of it; we're talking action. it should come as no surprise when Eucalyptus suddenly announces that they're off on an adventure holiday trekking across swampy marshes. Being highly suspicious people, they won't divulge a great deal about their plans to anyone, and will just tell you what you need to know.

For them, that is sufficient. After all, they reckon, it's their business, not yours. You could say they're too secretive but they just don't think anyone should be interested in what is a private matter. This can be very annoying to the more outward types such as Fennels, who will share their every thought. Generally Eucalyptus is a stable personality, able to diffuse an argument simply by being in the room. They have the coolest not to argue back, unless in negative mode - but that's another matter. 


Eucalyptus appears cool, logical and, at times, calculating, and it seems as if everything must have an explanation or be proven before they'll consider it. Although this personality is very laid back, they can have an exhilarating effect on others, instilling enthusiasm and confidence with logical reasoning - which gives the more imaginative personalities a good basis from which to launch their ideas and creativity.

Eucalyptus types go in for the sciences and are often found in the medical professions - such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists - but they're also quite likely to be accountants, bankers and solicitors. The professions that suit them are those that don't require much creative thought and have strict guidelines to which they must adhere. Even as scientists, they will never make any earth-shattering discoveries unless they have a fair proportion of a more imaginative personality within them.

Basically. they're happy knowing that two plus two make four and four plus four make eight. In their private life, Eucalyptus is very similar - choosing carefully where they live and who they have as partners. Sometimes, but not often, you find they choose a floral partner, but this is not a good match for them as their cooling nature tends to put out the flames of the passionate florals and it all ends in tears. Eucalyptus is very predictable in love, making a list of the potential partner's good and bad points and going for the one who complements him or her in some way or other, and who won't rock the boat too much. As partners, Eucalyptus is entertaining and can make one laugh.

A negative Eucalyptus is another matter. They can stir up resentments and slights, taking them all on board until one day they snap, becoming explosive. As they never let on to anyone that they've been feeling hurt and disillusioned, when the explosion comes it can be very heated - and you'd better run for cover! A barrage of verbal abuse comes out as they release years of pent-up feelings. Others may stare in surprise, unable to believe that Eucalyptus could go so obviously over the edge. However, it's all over as quickly as it started and they'll apologize with, 'Sorry about that, ' I don't know what came over me', embarrassed that anyone should have seen them with their guard down.

It's not good for anyone to keep things bottled up and if Eucalyptus doesn't find some regular means of release it can lead to nervous exhaustion, temper tantrums and, eventually, burn-out. If this happens it can take a long time to get them back on their feet because they feel they were indulgent to release their emotions and that way and to sink into such a state. They are easily addicted to anything that relives their emotional discomfort and it can be difficult for them to be weaned from whatever it is. Eucalyptus are good, solid characters, often shy, who believe in reasonable behaviour. They can be very willing to help others, not expecting thanks or praise and, would probably be embarrassed if it's offered.

Reference:The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood

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