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Cypress Personality Profile

Leafie/woodie - Cupressus sempervirens

Character: Protective, Righteous, Wise, Direction

Use To Counteract These Negative Attributes

Grief, Sorrow, Self-loathing, Pressurized, Being dominated, Opinionated, Jealous, Lethargic, Weak-willed, Fearful, Timid, Emotional turmoil, Unbalanced, Isolated, Inconsolable, Frustrated, Unstable, Tearful, Loss, Regret, Distracted, Lack of concentration, Absentminded, Uncontrollable passions.

Use For These Positive Attributes

Strength, Comfort, Change, Direction, Assertion, Control, Understanding, Strength, Sensitivity, Generosity of spirit, Contentment, Stillness, Confidence, Inner peace, Wisdom, Purity of heart, Stability, Patience, Trust, incorruptibility, Structured, Softly powerful, Direct, Willpower, Straightforward.

Cypress represents the strength within. Its character is wisdom, strength and uprightness. It stands proud, only slightly swaying, always forceful and direct. Cypress is a symbol of eternity that directs itself to the heavens, answering to no-one but the great spirit. The human counterpart of cypress is very similar. They tend to be forceful, outspoken, and firm in their views - If perhaps at times a little dogmatic. The air of an authoritarian can often disguise the subtle undercurrent of sensitivity that wells in sympathy to sorrow and loss.

There is never any excuse not to be straightforward with this type. In fact, they demand it, along with your respect in everything, not expecting to be crossed nor, at times, disobeyed. But their wisdom in sorrows of the heart, grieving and loss, often allows them to give the best advice to people, as does their tendency to see both sides of the story - even if they disapprove of one of them. People will turn to them in times of extreme distress, usually when there is no other path to travel for advice and comfort.

People perceive Cypress to be powerful and able to sort out most problems. If they are not a person's first choice of confidante, it is perhaps because they see them as proud, and even arrogant. This is because of their air of honesty, lawfulness and their unbending search for truth - even if this isn't always authentic. The Cypress personality doesn't always tread the straight and narrow, sometimes using their air of credibility for their own advantage. These are clever types, and will have the edge where matters of money or finance are concerned.

Often, Cypress doesn't see the need for earthly pleasures - including spending money on what could be considered fripperies, considering that there are more lofty pleasures to pursue. They may feel drawn to the role of clergyman, or become active in religious sects, and other very masculine areas  such a Masonic orders and so on. A Cypress will be the headteacher  you dream bumping into when skipping school, but will care enough to ask why you skipped school in the first place. A female Cypress will be in charge of the household and may be considered domineering, although always ready to physically help when someone's world starts to crumble.

Cypress make great grandparents because children always know the boundaries and feel comfortable in their presence, while Cypress loves the children's free spirits. As the children get older, discipline and respect will be expected, while Cypress will be in the forefront of defending the family. This personality often dwells on spiritual matters, and have no fear of death.

Once Cypresses have found their pathway, wherever it may lead, they can become unbending in their attitudes and fixed in their ideas, which can be difficult  for other, freer, minds to bear. Cypresses have an air of knowing, but are sympathetic to less structured minds. They help balance the unstable, and patch up the holes.

Jan kusmeric MIFA Reg., MDDH, MED, LLFA, LCSP, Dm, aromatherapist, medical herbalist and lecturer:
'Cypress... I see it or sense it as reliable, clean, upright yet with the warmth and comfort of masculinity. Not stern or cold like someone pines more solemn or even soothing. It is strangely astringent ( personality) so helps wo withstand pressure, reduces fear of one's peers. etc. It tightens up and centres.'

Reference: The Fragrant Mind: Valerie Ann Worwood

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